You’ve just gotten a new haircut from your barber and decide to buy a hair product to keep it looking good. So you go to the shop or begin your search online, only to discover that there are hundreds of hair gel alternatives fighting for your hard-earned money. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the variety of pomades, mousses, and gels available. Now a days hair gel is so common even in baby hair styles that we all should have the knowledge of difference between hair gel and pomade.

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In this article, we will review hair gel vs pomade and pomade vs wax to make you clear about the products on the market and break down their benefits, drawbacks, and, most importantly, whether or not they’re appropriate for your specific style and hair type. Check out article highlights:

  • Hair gel vs pomade
  • Pomade vs wax
  • How to use gel
  • Is gel bad for hairs?
  • Can we use the gel every day?

What is Gel?

While gel may appear daunting, it may help you achieve the DIY look of hair gel when applied sparingly. It will undoubtedly provide the most robust grip and can make your hair rock firm. If we compare hair gel vs pomade, a gel is more potent, but it does not appear natural. It would help if you also chose the good hair gel because there are many sorts of hair gel.

What is Pomade?

Pomade is one of the most popular hair products used by men throughout decades regarding pomade vs. gel. They are present in two versions – petroleum jelly and water-based. Water pomade is less brilliant, but it has a clean finish, whereas oil pomade is grey and has a fortification. The distinction between hair gel vs pomade depends on how you feel about your hair.

What is hair Wax?

Wax can be a bit perplexing because several products on the market name themselves wax yet contain varying chemicals. If you’re searching for high-quality wax, be sure it doesn’t include too many chemicals. When comparing hair gel vs wax, hair wax is a beautiful alternative for you if you have oily hair that is medium or short in length. Hair wax is one of the most excellent short hair products.

Pomade vs Wax

If you decide to buy in wax, keep in mind that it will not stay as long as pomade, but it is much easier to use and will allow you to style your hair no matter where you are. When applying wax, keep in mind that your hair should be somewhat dry since hair wax will not work on damp hair.

Hair Gel vs Pomade

You cannot restyle your hair after using the gel and setting it. To restyle your hair, you must first wash it. Contrary to popular belief, choose one with a lesser hold if you want to stick to gel. Also, if you have dandruff, avoid using alcohol-based gel.

Pomade will keep your hair in place if you wish for a messier, less-polished appearance. In this instance, pick a water-based pomade and apply it to wet or dry hair.

What are Water-based pomades?

A water-based or water soluble pomade is a hair product that contains water in its composition. Its peculiarity is that it produces an effect that readily degrades, making it both easy to apply and easy to remove. It may be removed from your hair without the use of any unique soaps or shampoos. The consistency is creamy and smooth, making it easy to massage into your hair.

What are Oil-based pomades?

Oil-based pomades have a unique hold and technique to their ingredients to provide you with an appearance that many people want. The viscosity of the wax is slick, maybe a bit oily, and very smooth when applied to your hair. Because it does not dry like a water-based product when applied to your hair, it creates a more moist appearance that may be tweaked throughout the day.

What is Clay pomade?

Clay Pomade is a particular sort of pomade for a specific type of hair and style. A hair clay mixture is often stiff and thick, but it will break down into something workable with contact between your fingertips and palms.

Because of the clay in the composition, a clay pomade will offer volume. When clay is exposed to water, it expands, which is where the importance comes from. Unlike an oil or water-based pomade, it will give your hair weight and structure.

What is Matte pomade?

Matte pomades have a paste-like texture. If you’re used to a more traditional pomade, you’ll notice that the recipe is a touch drier. These matte hair paste pomades have a medium hold and are ideal for a more relaxed or casual look. Most people who use a hair paste styling product, such as our

What are the advantages of using pomade?

Pomades are suitable for almost every hair type and style. Pomades are the most acceptable alternative for traditional hairstyles like pompadours and slickbacks.

They’ll hold your hair in place while providing just the right amount of shine. Use a water-based pomade with a matte finish, such as Slick Devil Pomade, for a messier appearance, such as a casual quiff.

Pomades are very useful for males with thick/curly hair since they maintain your style in place while also keeping your hair looking healthy. Pomades provide hydration and gloss to dry, frizzy hair while also controlling flyaway.

What are the disadvantages of using pomade?

When comparing the wash ability of hair gel vs pomade, oil-based pomades are challenging to remove. Some men claim that removing the oil takes many shampoo cycles, while others use specialist pomade washesdesigned to cut through greasy pomades.

Also, if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, avoid using oil-based pomades because they can clog pores and create outbreaks.

What are the advantages of using the gel?

The gel is the perfect solution for you if you wear a style that cannot risk becoming flat. For example, if you have spiked hair, the gel will keep those spikes in place all day. The gel is also a good option for people with thin or fine hair.

What is the disadvantage of using the gel?

If we consider hair gel vs pomade, you can’t restyle your hair after you’ve applied the gel and set it. You must wash your hair to restyle it. Contrary to popular belief, if you want to stick to gel, use one with a lesser hold. Also, if you have dandruff, avoid using an alcohol-based gel.

Can we sleep having pomades?

Sleeping with pomade may cause hair loss. If not thoroughly rinsed off, pomade can leave a heavy residue on your scalp. The mixture of debris and your hair’s natural oils can soon clog your pores and cause hair follicle shrinkage.

Is Gel bad for hairs?

The styling of gels isn’t harmful to the hair itself, but there may be difficulties if the correct method is not to use them. Product formation, flakes, and overused grazing are the most significant concerns with hair gel.

Can we use hair Gel every day?

When talking about hair gel vs pomade, excessive use of hair gel may cause your hair to stop growing.In addition, slapping hair gel on your hair and scalp may be harmful to your hair since it clogs the pores on your scalp, preventing hair development. Instead, apply hair gel to your hair from the top down; never rub it into your scalp.

How to use Gel?

It’s vital to have wet hair while using gel, so don’t completely dry it. If you’re pressed for time, soaking your hair in the sink is another viable alternative. When applying gel to filthy or oily hair, the gel may become less effective and seem “crunchy.”

Buying Guide – Hair Gel vs Pomade

If we take into account hair gel vs pomade, we need to keep in mind some buying guides for hair gel and pomades given below:


  • If we compare the hold of hair gel vs pomade gel is preferable if you want a stronghold.
  • While pomade has a decent grip, it isn’t as strong as gel, making it more flexible during the day.
  • If your haircut is more straightforward and doesn’t require a firm grip, pomade is the best choice. It provides volume and holds while yet retaining some flexibility.


  • If you want to go for a more natural-looking haircut, you should go for pomade. On the other hand, if you want your hair to seem a little disheveled, you should use a water-based pomade. It provides the desired flexibility as well as volume.
  • If your hairstyle necessitates a firm grip, such as a spiked hairdo, you’ll certainly want to utilize hair gel. Likewise, hair gel is the way to go if you enjoy the damp, just-out-of-the-shower appearance.
  • Applying a water-based pomade to wet hair may still give you the desired appearance without drying out your hair in the long run.

Wash ability

  • You can get away with either pomade or gel if you want a hair product that can be washed off in the shower.
  • If you want a pomade that can be quickly washed away, you will undoubtedly want to go for a pomade with water. However, people who used pomade petroleum have said that several piles of washing are needed to eliminate.
  • The gel is water-based. It can be washed off like a water pomade. So you choose between these two items and keep the appearance you want.

Conclusion-Hair Gel vs Pomade

Have a conversation for hair gel vs pomade with your barber; they get to know your hair in a way that no one else can. As a result, they will assist you in finding styles that are ideally suited to your hair and the appropriate product kinds to help you achieve that style.

We hope you enjoyed reading this short comparison for hair gel vs pomade and indeed learned something new. If you have any queries regarding our goods, please do not hesitate to contact us; we would be delighted to assist you. Also, don’t forget to consult with your favorite barber about your unique hair and style, either by using clay, wax, pomade, or gel.