If you are looking for the best DIY nail filer or emery board, then you are in the right place. It’s just a fundamental need that you keep in your bathroom cabinet. However, it may be worthwhile to devote a little more effort to locate your preferred nail file. Now a days due to usage of SNS nails and acrylic nails we have to take well care of our nails to maintain our glamour. Not all are equipment’s created equal, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

When you only need to get the job done, basic emery boards are affordable and easy to stock up on. However, if you want to make a larger investment, glass and crystal alternatives are washable and reusable, especially if your nails are peeling or breaking.

In this article, we have reviewed and compared the best nail files along with their pros and cons. Furthermore, we have included FAQs to provide you ease to choose the best DIY nail filer.

Moreover, we have listed below some of the best emery board and glass nail filer for your ease. We will also include buying guides for choosing the best working nail file.

Comparison Table for Glass Nail File vs. Emery Boards 

 Glass nail fileEmery boards
MaterialGlassGlues sandpaper, cardboard, plastic
GritHigh grit (gentle on nails)Wide grit range (can be both gentle and course on nails)
LongevityLong-lastingNot long-lasting
MethodEasy back and forth motionNeed buffer to smooth out nail tips

First of all, you need to know is:

What is a nail filer?

A nail filer is a nail tool used to shape and lightly grind the edges of nails of hands and feet. When the nail is clipped using the proper nail clippers, they are widely used in manicures and pedicures. Nail files can be made of emery, ceramic, glass, crystal, metal, or corundum-coated metal.

What is an emery board?

Emery boards are little flat long items with emery or emery paper attached to them, making them abrasive and flexible, and they are used for manicure and toenail care. 

Manicurists mostly use them to shape and smooth the nail during manicure and pedicure. In addition, Emery boards are a hygienic alternative to metal nail files since they are cheap and disposable.

What are glass nail files?

More recently, glass nail filers are available. They do not split the nail-like files for the emery boards or metal nails because of their smooth surface. The smoothness makes them a favorite instrument for manicurists, even if they can be hard to obtain in shops. Glass nails files have extremely diverse characteristics, some solid glass, others only abrasive glass.

Hack: Nails can be trimmed and shaped with sandpaper or a tiny woodworking file, If you run out of an emery board.

Why do we need to file our nails?

The answer to your question is, if you have a broken nail, it is extremely vital to keep up with the nail care. It is simple to get your nails strong and healthy with the proper equipment in your cosmetics bag – one of the finest nail files for brittle nails.

There are many probable causes if your nails are fine and dry or if you have a painful cracking and peeling. In addition to some vitamin shortages, the weakness can be due to the frequent use of acrylic nails , polishing, or other unpleasant chemistry, which you should certainly question your pharmacy. But the good news is that if you use the correct nail file, nail damage can be minimized.

Which types of nail filers are available in the market?

There are four types of nail filers available in the market:

Emery board nail filers

Emery boardsfor nails are simply strips of cardboard with tiny grains of sand adhered to them. 

They operate by shredding the tip of your nail as you slide it across it. It creates a rough edge that is occasionally visible depending on the grit of the emery board, which is sort of unpleasant when you think about it. 

The coarseness of the grit should be carefully chosen based on whether you have weak, thin, delicate nails or firm, strong, thick nails. 

The purpose of filing in one direction using an emery board is to protect the nail throughout the filing process.

Glass nail filer

There are two types of glass nail filer, and one of them is a glass stick with microscopic glass filings, which is coupled with heat. The second file is cut from the thick glass sheets that are pre-treated. The crystal’s surface is processed to redden and to create the surface of the file. The latter should be of greater grade.

The glass emery boards slides across the tip of the nail. The major benefit is that it doesn’t rip the nail like the emery or metal file, so you file in both directions. Do not smooth off jagged, rough edges.

Glass is sanitary and non-porous. So on the filing surface, there can be no germs, no dirt, and no stuck in the crystal file surface.

They fulfill all the FDA sanitization standards, be sterilized by UV light in alcohol, and even baked in a self-cell.

Glass nail files are better and environmentally friendly and are long-lasting and recycle able.

Metal nail filer

Metal emery board is the Metal files scoop. Tiny, tiny metal particles flash as your nails are filed off. While metal is much stronger and stronger than sand grains, the metal used for files is generally lower and, in fact, very mushy as far as metals are concerned.

But metal files also grind up the nail and leave a tip exposed exactly like emery boards. In addition, since the file contains metal pieces, dirt and debris can also get stuck in the file’s little metal “teeth.”

Metal is not porous, so the development of germs is not a major concern. However, the file does not yet meet the FDA criteria in the salon environment for professional re-use. In that respect, I’d be reluctant to re-use it myself without at least attempting to clean it up.

Metal files are a little bit more eco-friendly, as no trees are killed in their creation. However, it takes a long time for them to disintegrate in dirt and dead cuticles than emery boards.

Buffer Block

Everything in one way seems great. However, the helpful buffer block has different sides. What is that? Many individuals cannot figure out which side and find it difficult to find out which stick count is utilized. Therefore, it is a good idea to mark it when you open it first. The form of a buffer can also make it harder to detail or target filing, and it is harder to turn it around than to glue a slim small glass, metal, or carton file into a bag. Do you want to skip them? No! They are as practical and efficient as a tool for filing nails from a single source.

Metal nail file vs. Emery board

Emery boards are often not as abrasive as metal nail files; therefore, emery boards may need more time than metal nail files to file down nails. Emery boards are often lower than metal nail files. Thus emery boards may be dispersed inexpensively on a single person after usage. The nail may be properly smoothens and form with the light metal filer, even with few strokes over the top of the nail in single direction. 20-30 gentle strokes may shorten the fingernails too long, while 5-10 Strokes can be shaped. 

Emery board vs. glass filer

Emery-boards have distinct time and place, but glass nail files can only be at top-level when it comes to routine home care, particularly if you have weaker tips. At the same time, emery boards are made from a carton or plastic tool by attaching sandpaper. The glass files temper (or tighten the material) to maintain the board’s integrity and create even greater grit with little crystals attached to the surface.

How to use an emery board?

The answer to your question is:

  • Before filing the nails, soak them in water for a few minutes and then pat them dry.
  • Using the coarser side, file your nails to the appropriate length.
  • To complete the nails, use the fine grit side of an emery board to shape the nails.
  • A nail buffer is an excellent addition to your regimen for shining the surface of your nails.

How to clean filers?

After the filling is done, clean the board carefully with antibacterial soap, rinse with water, let it dry air fully on a towel, and store in it (you can also just store it away in a cool, dry area). Some glass files may be found safely in the dishwasher, but they are not entirely required if you have a lot of waste on your board.

How long do glass nail files last?

As noted, you may utilize up to six months of your glass file, provided that you clean it correctly every time. After that, it’s time to exchange if the file loses its grid and can’t form the nail readily anymore. Of course, the same goes for emery boards, but a robust glass number may make you more use of it.

List of Best Emery Filer

Here is the list of best emery filer:

  1. Revlon Emery Boards Filer
  2. ASOWEMSN Double Sided Nail Filer Emery With Board Grit 
  3. BIG BRO Professional Grit Nail Filer Manicure Pedicure Tool 
  4. HEEYAA Professional Emery Board Colorful Filer
  5. PANA JUMBO Nail Filer 

Revlon Emery Board Filer

Revlon Emery Board Filer

Product details

Double side
Brand Revlon

Revlon emery filer is easy to grasp and operate with its small size and easy-grip handle. The distinctive surface of emery is robust enough for gels or acrylic while at the same time soft enough for natural nails. Bonus points for the tip, perfect for clearing out all the crud beneath the nails

The coarse brown side files and molds the nail, while the delicate beige surface smoothens the edge for salon-quality results at home. Strong and adaptable for simple filing. This set includes ten high-quality boards.

Revlon Brand has 75 years of unrivaled excellence. Precise making and thoroughly tested to ensure peak performance. It can be easily adjustable in a mini purse.

  • Convenient
  • Compact
  • Give the desired shape
  • Thin
  • Flimsy

ASOWEMSN Double Sided Nail Filer Emery with Board Grit 

ASOWEMSN Double Sided Nail Filer Emery with Board Grit 

Product details

Color black

These pedicure files are rounded off and are safe for the skin.

ASOWEMSN filer is double-sided and perfectly suitable for toe and fingernails. You can file your nails in any direction with a softer touch without harming your nails.

  • Easy to use
  • Great for pedicure and manicure at home
  • Double-sided
  • Hard on nails

BIG BRO Professional Grit Nail Filer Manicure Pedicure Tool 

BIG BRO Professional Grit Nail Filer Manicure Pedicure Tool 

Product details

Color Black

This bargain package of these emery board nail files is your best choice if you’re a traditionalist. While emery panels may not be the best solution for highly damaged nails, they include 180/240 gravel sizes, safe and strong enough for thin nails to have the least pressure during application.

 It is also waterproof and reusable to enhance convenience. You can put one in the luggage, the car, your bedroom, and there are limitless options.

  • Washable
  • Double-sided
  • Larger size
  • Easy to carry
  • Best for beginners
  • Poor grit

HEEYAA Professional Emery Board Colorful Filer

HEEYAA Professional Emery Board Colorful Filer

Product details


These emery board nail files can simply cut and form the nail with the required length or shape.

Grit allows your nails to be filtered without any damage to the nail with a lighter touch.

Quick and easy cleaning can be used several times using water. File the hard fingernails and the toenails up and use the 180 grit smooths with the precise shape of the nail edge.

Nail Files consisting of high-quality adhesive tape and board material, cut and shaped your nails to the appropriate length and form without harming the nails.

Must have at-home professional nail salons and DIY nail art, appropriate for girls or women who appreciate nail art fit for girls.

  • Washable
  • Easy to clean
  • Re useable
  • Give the desired shape
  • File well
  • Cute but not so perfect

PANA JUMBO Nail Filer 

PANA JUMBO Nail Filer 

Product details

Color Zebra
Shape Rectangular

The nail file is one of the most favorite nail tools for the ordinary nail artists. These nail files contain thick emery boards, which are greatly stacked onto the core for reusable and long-term usage, designed to trim rapidly, shape, and polish nails with a light touch. 

Ideal for use with artificial nails, gel nails, natural nails, and more. These files are also used once they’ve been cleansed, suitable for home or living manicures and pedicures. Files with nails all vary from 60 to 240 in their grit sizes. The amount of grain to a file is represented by each number. Each size of the grit has several file usage. Make sure you have your nails smooth and well-formed.

  • Jumbo size
  • Suitable for every nail
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Best filer
  • Rough grit
  • Glass nail filer

List of Best Glass Nail Filer

Here is the list of Best glass nail filer:

  1. GLIANE Crystal Glass Nail File for Girls Nail Art
  2. MALVA BELLE Best Crystal Glass Nail Filer 
  3. BONA FIDE Smooth Glass filers
  4. 7 Steps Buffering Professional Emery Boards for Acrylic Nails

GLIANE Crystal Glass Nail File for Nail Art

GLIANE Crystal Glass Nail File for Nail Art

Product details

Color Rainbow black

The ideal solution to form natural nails and artificial nails in any direction with a little touch. It can make your nails healthy and prevent jagged nail edges.

The abrasive surface of the file is soft and efficient and never wears or gets dull. Within ragged ends, it provides smooth nails. Learn how much this true glass nail file’s quality differs.

Made of double-sided etched technology with high-quality tempered glass, not sandblasting. It will not readily break.

The non-porous surface of glass prevents harmful things from developing. So after being washed in hot water, the quality is the same as a fresh file every time.

  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Good quality
  • Eco friendly
  • Surprisingly smooth
  • Slim
  • Delicate

MALVA BELLE Best Crystal Glass Nail Filer 

MALVA BELLE Best Crystal Glass Nail Filer 

Product details

Color Pink

Life doesn’t feel better when you don’t have lovely nails. We are fully in agreement, which is why this high-quality, compact file of crystal nails was designed to get the salon home. So you will always have the tool you need to keep your nails in great condition, either at home or on the road, with an ordinary file and a tiny file that is excellent to travel or your child. And because these glass nail filer have fine-cut, never-weakening borders, they’re built to last.

  • So handy
  • Excellent filer
  • Recycle able
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect size
  • Brittle

BONA FIDE Smooth Glass Fingernail Filers

BONA FIDE Smooth Glass Fingernail Filers

Product details

Color available in different colors

We think the path to beautiful, strong nails begins with Bona Fide Beauty with high-quality Czech glass files soft on natural nails. Bona Fide Beauty Glass Nail Filer 100% genuine Czech Glass of the highest quality are produced in the Czech Republic. The Czech “Bohemian” glass is a traditional century-old way of producing glass known worldwide for its excellent handiwork and beauty. So you pick a high-quality, handmade product for Bona Fide Beauty.

Bona Fide Czech glass files are the perfect nail care tool to boost your health and strength. Regular long-lasting usage strengthens and hardens nails so that long, healthy, and lovely nails develop and maintain.

Enjoy a pleasant and comfortable filing experience that uses regular DIY nail files and has zero annoying scrapings ‘nails on chalking board’ feel. Czech glass files on the nails feel wonderful.

  • Comfortable
  • Handy
  • Give perfect shape
  • Strengthen nails
  • Nice coverage
  • Smooth
  • Very good quality
  • Glass material need proper care

7 Steps Buffer Professional Emery Boards for Girls

7 Steps Buffer Professional Emery Boards for Girls

Product details

Seven grit options
Color Beautiful light shades

7 Surfaces is a glass nail buffer with various smoothness levels are designed to combine the nail with the nail buffer. Trim your ideal nail sharply and provide a good shine for your nails.

Ideal for cuts in the sharp and long lines of the nail removes the nail gel, fills and pads, removes UV gel or artificial nails.

Washable sanding blocks, water may be cleaned and used again and again.

Easy to use since each side is numbered for usage and displays the surface function.

Suitable for a general manicure, professional use, utilized for finger and toenails.

  • Perfect Buffer
  • Washable
  • Pretty
  • Different grit
  • Comfy
  • Not slim

Buying Guides for Best Nail Filer

According to the cosmetic experts, for this essential duty in nail care, some ladies choose emery boards while others use glass nail files. But for you, what’s the best?

It depends on what kind of filing you are going to complete. For example, fine-grained filers are best utilized for delicate fining and shaping of natural nails, whereas coarser boards are usually used to file larger nails like acrylic or gel.

Of course, anyone who used sandpaper may have known this tiny fact, but let us reword it to clarify this: The less the figure, the grosser the grain. You would like to have more roughened nails if you want to remove away the thick, artificial, and gel nails, but those rougher boards would chew up the nails and create damages while filing natural nails.

For individuals with fragile nails who want routine maintenance, glass files offer a fantastic choice; their boards are milder on the nails and do not rough them roughly. 

Emery file can form nails more quickly. Ideal to remodel your oval nails to make square tips in the living room. Perhaps not that good for easy maintenance.

Do not return to hazardous nail files that damage your nails and ruin them.

Is it hazardous for your nails to use emery boards?

FALSE. Using emery boards has only one drawback: they wear out so quickly that you’ll have to buy new ones all the time. However, depending on the grit size, you can use them to shorten your nails or shape them.

Is it possible to clean nail files made of glass?

Yes. A minute is all it takes to clean a glass nail file. Running hot water is all that is required for this task. Make sure to rinse the file well under the faucet before using it again. Just wait for it to dry, and your glass nail file will be as good as new.


After reading this article, it is hoped that you can go out and choose the right nail emery board tools to do your task, because you understand the different types of files and how they may be used or should be used. Don’t just simply use just one tool, though, because most of us choose a certain amount of polishing and sometimes even acrylics and gels. A decent pair of files is essential to maintain the most beautiful form for your living room nails. It’s especially important when you’re a huge DIY nail filer lover. Try always to have a trustworthy file in your hands. There is nothing to destroy the appearance of fine handicraft or well-kept nails other than a nail with stiff edges.