When you don’t have any makeup on, eyelash extensions might make you look like you’re wearing mascara or false lashes. It’s possible, however, that you’ll end up with lashes that grow excessively long, resulting in discomfort or irritation. Your eyelashes could be irreversibly damaged if you attempt to cut your eyelash extensions while they are still attached to your eye. So, How to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick, ask for a different length and thickness at your next appointment or remove them yourself.

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Some common issues of eyelash extensions

It is not uncommon to hear horror stories about the excruciating experience of getting eyelash extensions. Lash extensions have a reputation for causing pain and discomfort in certain users. In light of these stories, you may decide to forgo eyelash extensions, even if you’ve been dying to give them a go.

There are several issues when it comes to eyelash extensions.

Some of them are:

  • My eyelash extensions too curly
  • My eyelash extensions don’t look natural
  • My eyelash extensions look ridiculous
  • My lash extensions are too thick

So, how can you avoid this occurring to you? To understand why some people find the process difficult, continue reading.

Eyelash extensions too close to eyelid

It’s possible that the technician put the lashes incorrectly if you experience any discomfort. Lashes may be placed excessively close to the eyelids by some lash stylists. As a result, the additional lashes would be constantly protruding from your eyelids. Another issue is that your eyelashes could end up sticking together because the person applying them has no control over how much adhesive is used.

Choosing the wrong extensions was a mistake.

If you want the most dramatic lashes, you can request the thickest, longest, and fullest set available. Professional technicians, on the other hand, are aware that such requests from clients should be refused. Isn’t it amazing how thin your eyelashes are? The natural lashes on your eyes can only support the weight of your own eyes.

Keep in mind that the additional lashes will be supported by your own natural lashes. In terms of thickness and length, you are only as good as your weakest link. Your eyelids will feel heavy and droopy if you use too thick or heavy eyelashes. A lot of pressure is put on the hair follicles, which can be painful.

Tip #1: know the eyelash extension type:
Know the many kinds of eyelash extensions there available before you try to repair them. A feathered-lash method can be used to thin even the thickest lashes. The end outcome will have a more organic look.

Removing eyelashes inappropriately

First-time lash wearers may feel a little out of place. A common problem we notice is that new lash wearers test their new lashes to determine how long they last. There is absolutely no need for this! Your false lashes are attached directly to your natural lashes with an adhesive. This means that your hair follicles and eyes feel every push and pull.

Attempting to remove the extensions on your own can result in pain and the loss of your natural lashes.

Tip #2: use feathery tweezers:
If you like, you can use feathery tweezers to get rid of the extra hair. When used incorrectly, tweezers pose a risk of injury and even infection.

How to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick?

Step 1

Request a new set of lashes from your technician. Ask your technician to change the length of your lashes if you notice that they are too long after they have been applied. Because lash extensions take a couple of hours to apply, they may need to book a second appointment for you.

If your eyelashes aren’t exactly how you envisioned them, don’t be afraid to ask for an adjustment.

When your next visit comes up, request shorter lashes. Ask for shorter lashes if you notice that your lash extensions are too long as you go about your daily routine. Keep in mind to tell the technician that the lashes they put in the previous time didn’t work for you.

Tip: Make sure your lashes are no longer than 12 millimetres long if you wear glasses (1.2 cm).

Step 2:

When describing the aesthetic you’re going for with your eyelashes, be specific with photographs and words.

Think about it like this: “A natural look is what I’m going for, or, “My friend wears lash extensions and I really like how they look. That is why I have included a picture so you can see what I mean.”

Step 3:

Insist on having your lash extensions removed by your technician. Make an appointment with your lash specialist to remove your lashes if you don’t like how they appear and don’t want to wear them anymore. They’ll be able to have things done quickly and may even be able to accommodate you without an appointment.

How to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick

Let them drop over the next week or two

False eyelashes last only temporarily and eventually fall off. The linked volume lashes fall off when your natural lashes shed and are replaced.

Between 15 and 21 lashes fall out weekly on average. To rephrase, if you use eyelash extensions, you will lose the same amount, if not more.

After 10–15 days, your eyelash extensions will have naturally thinned out if they are overly thick. Thirty percent of your volume lashes will have fallen out by the end of the second week.

Tip #3: Avoid mascara:
The eyelashes may become clumpy as a result, giving the impression that they are thicker than they actually are and making them more prone to falling out. This is because the weight of the mascara will tug on the extensions, causing them to fall off.

How to fix eyelash extensions after sleeping?

If you sleep at unnatural angles, you place additional strain on your eyelash extensions, which might damage them. You will experience this if you press against them with a pillow or with your arms. The extensions are driven inside as a result of this, despite the fact that synthetic lashes are quite flexible.

Apply a few strokes of the tiny  brush to smooth out any lashes that have decided to make a statement on your lids.

In the event that you don’t already have one, consider purchasing one. Curing faulty extensions is easier if you keep your natural lashes in check. However, be aware that your curl is about to go into overdrive.

The worst-case situation is to go to the salon, but it’s also the best option. As lash whisperers, we call them lash technicians, they may be able to help you out.

How to fix eyelash extensions at home?

Observe yourself in the reflection of a mirror.

Trimming your lashes might be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Even the simplest of errors can have a negative impact on your eyesight. Use bright light so you can clearly see what you’re doing. The greatest tweezers for eyelashes are included in Innova’s preferred eyelash extension tweezers. Set the mirror up carefully so you avoid any blunders.

Trim them to the desired thickness.

Once you realise that your false lashes aren’t ideal, you’ll need to cut them down.

If you have smaller eyes, you may have to clip artificial lashes when you receive a new pair. To accommodate the majority of people, eyelash producers produce fake lashes in a variety of lengths.

It’s simple to remove artificial eyelashes by clipping them. However, you have the freedom to put your counterfeits through a series of quality and branching checks before you can make them look authentic or false.

Trim a few strands with care.

Little lash scissors work well for shortening lengthy lashes that have grown out of control. It is due to the fact that it’s easy to cut your lashes excessively short, resulting in an unattractive look. Check to check if it’s trimmed by measuring it over the lashes once more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you reduce the thickness of your eyelash extensions?

There is a differentiation between thinning down and clipping eyelash extensions short. Consequently, both of them are conducted by independent ways. Lash extensions can be made more delicate by feathering them. On the other hand, if you want to shorten them, a basic trim will do the trick.

How should I deal with clumpy eyelash extensions?

What happens if you go a few days without washing your hair? It forms clusters or protrudes! A similar argument might be made for eyelashes or their extension. When volume lashes come into contact with old mascara or dried makeup, they might clump together or become frizzy. Eyelash extensions can be cleaned by using a small foam brush dipped in a cleanser devoid of alcohol and oil. You may want to acquire new ones if they are still sticking together.

Thick eyelash extensions: can I cut them myself?

Do not trim your eyelash extensions with sharp objects like scissors or nail clippers since you risk poking your eye or cutting your natural eyelashes. False eyelashes lose their beauty if they are trimmed unevenly, making them look blunt, strange, or just horrible.


As a result of these dangers, should you avoid lash extensions altogether? Choosing the correct salon is essential.

A lower price is not the only consideration. It’s about having faith in your lash technician. Professionally trained lash technicians should make the entire application process a joy.

It’s possible that your eyelashes are already in place and giving you pain. Always have your eyelash extensions removed by a trained expert. So I hope that you would have found the answer of how to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick?