Recently, I thought of re-dyeing my hair, as the color I applied earlier faded away quickly. I shall not mention the name of the dye, but it gave me the experience to search for hair dyes that can last for a good period. While searching for different hair dyes, I came across oVertone hair dye.

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So, how long does oVertone last?

Approximately 1 month. Your hair color and porosity, texture, and health all play a role in how long your oVertone lasts. Those are just a few examples. It’s impossible to tell you how long oVertone will last for your hair because each of these factors varies from person to person.

In this article, I shall share my research about the oVertone hair dye’s lasting time. Moreover, the factors which contribute to the fading of the oVertone dye.

How long does oVertone last


Procedure Duration
Hair dye soaking time 15 minutes
oVertone lasting time(daily wash) 20-30 days
oVertone lasting time(alternate day wash) 40 days


How long does oVertone last?

Because oVertone colors are semi-permanent, they can endure a long time with proper care. You have the option of applying them only once and then washing them out over a few months, or you may continuously use their conditioners to maintain the results. Using a coloring or daily conditioner as needed will help you keep your hair looking its best for weeks, perhaps months at a time. If you’d like, the hue can be maintained for as long as you’d like. The color will begin to fade after around ten washes, and you’ll need to use an appliance to restore it.

The hair dye brand makes a big difference when comparing this to other brands. After 4-6 weeks, your roots will begin to show through your permanent hair dye. Depending on how often you wash your hair, a semi-permanent color might last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Because you may start reapplying the product after 10 washes, which is similar to the time you have to with ordinary dye, oVertone is worth the money in this scenario.

How long does oVertone last on hair with a light color?

oVertone customers with light hair may anticipate their color to last at least 20 washes on average.

oVertone is generally more vibrant for persons with lighter hair tones than those with darker hair tones. For those with light hair, additional considerations also play a role in determining how long the results will last. Using one Vibrant Purple Deep Treatment application on bleached platinum blonde hair, oVertone experimented with using a sulfate-free shampoo once, the purple hue remained vibrant.


How long does oVertone last on Bleached hair?

It is possible to get 20 washes out of oVertone hair colors on bleached hair.

Hair that has been bleached has elevated cuticles, allowing for more color to be absorbed into the individual strands of hair. With just one oVertone color treatment, you can get dramatic improvements if you’ve recently bleached your hair. Bleaching can damage hair cuticles, resulting in split ends. The raised cuticles that result from this process aid in the absorption of color into hair strands.

Even after the treatment has begun to fade, color residue may still be visible in bleached hair since oVertone lasts longer than normal on bleached hair. Toning conditioners can help restore the hair to its original color.

brown hairs which shows how long does Overtone last on Bleached hairs

How long does oVertone last on dark hair?

Dark hair tends to have an oVertone that lasts for up to 10 washes.

People who have dark hair believe that an oVertone color treatment is pointless. They think that because their hair is so black, the dye won’t show up on them. This is a comprehensive and utter falsehood.

oVertone has worked for thousands of people with dark hair. oVertones such as red and purple can be seen in dark hair. Pink can be seen in light hair. It’s important to keep in mind that these hues will appear darker on very light hair than they would otherwise.

The longer it lasts, the more regularly you should apply color treatments and allow the color to seep into your hair for as long as you can.


Dark Black color hairs which shows how long Overtone last on dark hairs

How long does oVertone last on Hair with a high porosity?

High-porosity hair color treatments can endure at least 20 washes.

Porosity refers to the hair’s ability to hold and release moisture and styling agents. Because of the structure of the cuticle of each hair strand, high porosity hair more quickly absorbs hair color treatments. The outermost layer of the hair strand is the cuticle. In general, the easier it is to saturate hair with color, the higher the cuticle layer must be.

High-porosity hair’s cuticles are elevated, allowing the color to appear more quickly and last longer than low-porosity hair.

How long does oVertone last in Low Porosity Hair?

10 washes.

Hair with low porosity absorbs color more slowly and with greater difficulty than hair with high porosity. Color conditioning treatments may be necessary for people with low porosity hair to achieve the desired results. oVertone can last at least 10 washes, depending on the color of your original hair and the oVertone hue applied.

How long does oVertone last in blonde hair?

Nearly, 20 washes

oVertone is a great product for blondes who want to get rid of brassy and yellow oVertones. This is why so many blondes are now experimenting with oVertone. It’s much easier to pull off colorful, pastel, and neon colors when you’re naturally blonde.oVertone works best on blonde hair, however, it will wash away.

Over time, the dye will wear out and your hair will return to its natural hue. As with bleached hair, oVertone has the potential to leave a color remnant on natural blonde hair. But don’t get too stressed out! These residues can be neutralised with the help of tone conditioners.

When you stop using oVertone and start using color-free conditioners, regardless of your natural hair color, oVertone will begin to disappear.

How long does oVertone last in Hair that has not been dyed or termed?

Just few washes.

There have been no chemical or color treatments applied to virgin hair. In its purest form, it is hair. Virgin hair fades the fastest. In less than ten washes, you should expect to see some color fading.

Because virgin hair has a lesser porosity, the oVertone fades quickly. Virgin hair has a closed cuticle layer. Thus, pigment cannot deposit into hair strands past the cuticle layer. This makes it difficult. After only a few washes, the color will be washed out of the hair.

How to Preserve oVertone for a Longer Period?

One of the most tempting aspects of oVertone is the ability to extend the life of your color with a few simple procedures.


A girl with red brown hair which shoes How long does oVertone last

Wait to wash your hair

Do not wash your hair immediately after the initial application. Instead, wait at least 48 to 72 hours before you shampoo again. Waiting gives the product’s pigment a chance to settle on the hair’s surface before application.

Think about your shampoo

Once you start using oVertone, you should switch to sulphate and paraben-free shampoo. Avoid sulphates and parabens if you want to keep your hair color vibrant, as they are both bad for your hair.

Skip the hair wash often

Like traditional colors, oVertone-treated hair loses its vibrancy more quickly the more you wash it. As a general rule, if you wash your hair three times a week, cut it back to one or two. Invest in a good dry shampoo to deal with greasy hair when you don’t have time to wash it.

Do not leave the conditioner in for a longer period.

You can leave oVertone in for longer than the prescribed time, unlike traditional dyes, which you should only leave in for the recommended duration.

Using the coloring conditioners for an extended period will not harm your hair because of the benign components used in their formulation. Specialists at oVertone suggest this technique, but they do not explain how long “a little bit longer” means in practice.

The sweet spot is up to you to discover! Test out various treatment durations to see what works best for you.

Factors determining the lasting power of oVertone

Hair strand analysis

Obtain a sample of the substance under consideration Application of your selected color to a small, unique hair strand is required. If you’re trying to select between two different intensities, use two strands. Rinse and style as usual. You can use this as a trial run for your new hair color, just like you would a temporary tattoo to ensure you are ready for the real thing.

Use oVertone Conditioner before you do the following:

Like me, you might notice a mix of naturally dark hair and hair that has been chemically lightened. Your darker hair may show through the dye, but it’s more likely that your lighter hair will.

Ultimately, you must know your hair and color before you begin. Don’t get your hopes up; stay grounded. Waiting for your dark brown hair to turn a magnificent shade of turquoise is a waste of time. To achieve vibrant colors, you’ll need to start with hair that’s as light as possible.

In addition, I recommend that you run a strand test to evaluate how the color appears on your hair before you commit to the entire head of hair.

Check the colors

When you shampoo your hair, pay attention to the fade element. Do you think it’s lighter in tone? Is that all there is? Semi-permanent colors disappear with each wash, especially if a clarifying or chelating shampoo is used.

How fast will oVertone fade?

The rate at which your colors fade is influenced by a variety of factors. Some of these topics have already been covered, such as how often you wash your hair, Another important consideration in the degradation process is the hair’s porosity. The more porous your hair becomes, the easier it is to dye it. Several factors, like the structure of your hair and how much you’ve worked on it in the past, come into play.

It also depends on how hard you try to remove the color and how often you use it. As an example, a single application of Pastel Blue on your hair is likely to fade far quicker and more quickly than an Extreme Orange color you’ve been maintaining for a few months!

If your dye is temporary or permanent, your color will last anywhere from six to 30 washes. This means that folks who wash their hair multiple times a day or week may have their hair color fade more quickly. Save your hair color by washing it less often. Instead of letting your hair fall to the side, wear a shower cap or a hair tie to keep it in place. Wash your hair more frequently if you don’t want your hair color to last long.

How to get oVertone out of hair fast?

Why not change the color of your oVertone conditioner before it vanishes, or if you simply dislike the color that was selected at the beginning? Well, it’s not that difficult, and you can do it at home. Here’s how to do it!


To avoid further discoloration, cease using oVertone as a conditioner right away. Using sulfate shampoos is a terrible idea if you want to extend the life of your hair color. Because of this, they are ideal for removing your hair color as quickly as possible. It’s important to remember, though, that they can damage your hair.

Using lower-quality shampoos to remove the oVertone will prevent your hair from drying out. They’ll get the job done – without causing any damage to your locks.

Mask made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil can also be used to remove hair color. The pigment molecules that have been deposited in the hair fibre are encapsulated by semi-permanent hair coloring.

For a long time, people have relied on this natural remedy to restore damaged hair. When applied to hair, olive oil penetrates the fibre and fills in any gaps left by the dye’s permanent effects.

What’s the best way to use it?

Step 1:

Use hot water to wash your hair. As the hair dries, it becomes easier for the color to shine through.

Step 2:

After that, heat half a cup of olive oil in the microwave for 10 seconds on high. It should not be too hot, but it should not be too cold either. Rub olive oil into wet hair from roots to ends while wearing gloves to ensure that all of the hair is well-coated.

Step 3:

Spend 30-40 minutes with the olive oil on your hair.

Step 4:

Rinse the olive oil with warm water. The oil can be removed by using a dishwashing detergent or a strong shampoo. Lather up for as long as your hair still feels greasy after massaging in the product.

Because your hair is already moisturised, you don’t need to use a conditioner. The method removes your oVertone in two or three treatments and deeply hydrates your hair as a result of the application. Both parties benefit from this arrangement.

Cleansing Shampoo

A powerful clarifying shampoo is the first step in removing a temporary or semi-permanent color.

Use it a,s follows:

  • Using a quarter-sized amount of lather, thoroughly wet your hair.
  • Clarifying shampoo should be lathered over sections of hair where dye removal is needed, then massaged in evenly from base to ends for best results.
  • Wait a minute or two for the shampoo to settle.
  • Wash thoroughly.
  • Consider using a conditioning treatment or a coloring conditioner to ensure that your hair is properly hydrated.

The clarifying stage may remove all of the unwanted color if the original color was a pastel or a lighter hue.

PRO TIP : Take a swim in the pool as a secret weapon! Hair color is notoriously ruined by chlorine. Keep a bottle of Remedy handy to wash your hair after a swim to avoid drying it out!


Does oVertone damage hair?

There is no such thing. Leaving oVertone on your hair for 45 or even 60 minutes will not harm it. But it’s unlikely to improve the quality of the color.

Unlike traditional hair dyes, which penetrate the hair shaft and deposit color within, our semi-permanent conditioners coat the hair strands with pigment instead of depositing color inside the hair shaft like traditional hair dyes.

The recommended 15-minute timer for oVertone

It’s best to let oVertone hair color sit on your hair for around 15 minutes. For the majority of hair types, we found this to be the ideal amount of product. However, if your hair doesn’t keep color well or if you want to get the most out of your oVertone color, you can leave it on for 30 minutes.

After some time, what can be expected? oVertone can begin to dry out, especially if you keep it on for too long (especially without a shower cap). This will not harm your hair, but it may make it more difficult to remove the color.

Are you not obtaining the outcomes you desire? Even if you’ve tried letting your color on for 30 minutes, you may need to try adding heat as you wait for it to take effect, and make sure you’re using it on CLEAN, DRY hair for maximum deposit and color payoff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does oVertone have the same properties as a hair dye?

It’s not, no. Instead of using chemicals to open the hair cuticle and deposit color, traditional hair dyes, oVertone conditioners employ pigment.

Is oVertone suitable for all types of hair?

Exactly, which is why so many people enjoy using oVertone. With oVertone, whether your hair is straight or wavy, you’ll be able to get fantastic results.

For how long should I leave the conditioner on my hair after shampooing?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. It’s recommended that you leave in the Daily Conditioner for 3 to 5 minutes, and the Coloring Conditioner for 10 to 15 minutes.

Is oVertone prone to staining?

A good rule of thumb is to use gloves if working with oVertone products. It’s easy to stain bathtubs, sinks, and countertops with it, and bleach doesn’t always work well to remove it.

Do the roots of oVertone get covered?

However, oVertone makes no guarantees that its product will conceal people’s grey hairs. Gray and white hairs have a thicker cuticle layer, and the deposit-only formula doesn’t always penetrate it.

Is it possible to remove the blue oVertone?

The oVertone hair color can be removed from hair by simply ceasing to use the items. It fades over time, but there is no fast remedy for hair dye. It fades like any semi-permanent hair color, but in terms of staying power, the location is compelling both before and after the application.

Conclusion about How long does oVertone last

It is best to keep applying hair color during times like this when the hair is frequently washed because the color fades. oVertone has won the Essence Best in Black Award for its ability to work with a wide variety of hair textures. They are suitable for all types of hair, including curly, wavy, and straight. Sulfate-free shampoos are preferable to those that include sulphates to extend the life of the color. One may notice a lot of the color mix when the hair is naturally dark and then lightened chemically. However, applying an oVertone obscures the original hair color.

Choosing the proper hue for a person’s appearance is also crucial. Light-haired persons have the option of using dark dyes or streaks, whereas dark-haired people can use lighter ones. Adding vivid streaks to any hair color is a terrific way to liven it up. I hope you got the answer: how long does oVertone last?