Best alternative of tanning mitt (Tips to Avoid Uneven Tan) Best 2022 Reviews


Self-tanning mitts provide a tone of convenience, and you will wind up obtaining a little nicer tan after you learn to use them. However, you can use an alternative of tanning mitt if you do not have one. Many people decide to only use their hands, which is perfectly an option. However, utilising your hands … Read more

Rosehip oil vs Marula oil , Best Review 2022

Rosehip oil vs Marula oil

Although oils have been used in skin care for centuries, big brands like Drunk Elephant and The Ordinary have made them more popular in recent years. Marula Oil and Rosehip Oil are two of the most popular oils on the market today. Even though both oils are excellent for the skin, there are some differences … Read more

How many lashes per eye ?

How many lashes per eye

A uniform number of lashes throughout an entire set of extensions would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? You would be wondering how many lashes per eye are required? You can get 40 lashes per eye, 80 lashes per eye or even 100 lashes per eye. However, when it comes to extensions, you’ve probably seen the following … Read more

Why can’t you wear makeup during surgery?

Why can't you wear makeup during surgery?

It’s best not to wear makeup during your operation for several reasons, if you are wondering why can’t you wear makeup during surgery! Wearing makeup isn’t a fantastic idea, but it’s understandable if you want to impress the doctors at the hospital. There is a risk of eye injury when you’re anaesthetized because you don’t … Read more

Putting oil in hair before straightening

putting oil in hair before straightening

Soft, polished, sleek, and straight are the characteristics of this material. When you have a stylish hairstyle, you can look good in practically any situation. After all, you could even dress in a sack and still look fantastic! When it comes to straightening your hair, however, attaining the results you desire might be difficult to … Read more

Can I swim with eyelash extensions ?

can I swim with eyelash extensions

With eyelash extensions, we’re able to achieve the luscious lashes of our dreams while also being able to do away with much of our eye makeup. You don’t have to put on a lot of makeup in the summer because of this. Nevertheless, you must take care of them to maintain them looking their best. … Read more