If you are looking for the small hand towel and searching for washcloths then you are at right place. Towels are about both utility and aesthetics. After all, the correct towel is both functional and pleasant when used and beautiful when hung on the attractive towel rack. It is a smart idea to choose the correct drying products like towels. Here’s everything you need to know to pick a towel that will do the job well.

In this article, we have discussed possible FAQs related to washcloths and hand towels to provide you basic knowledge about small hand towels and washcloths. We have included a product listing of both hand towels and washcloths.

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Furthermore, we will suggest some precautions for using and washing hand towels vs washcloths. In this article, we have covered some buying guides for the small hand towel and face towels to keep in mind while purchasing towels for your bathroom, guest room, and kitchen.

This article contains the following highlights:

  • What is a hand towel?
  • What is a wash cloth?
  • What is the purpose of a hand towel?
  • What is the purpose of washcloths?
  • Washcloth vs Hand towel
  • What is the size difference between a washcloth and a hand towel?
  • How long we can use a hand towel?
  • How long we can use a wash cloth?
  • Why do you need both hand towels and washcloths?

What is a hand towel?

Hand towels are the ideal size to put on a towel bar, for use after regular washing for drying hands. They’re also small, so you can easily fit several in the same wash load.

What is a wash cloth?

Small and handy size face towels are perfect for rapid face cleaning. The smaller size also means that they are regularly changed and more towels may be fitted to several cycles of washing.

What is the purpose of a hand towel?

Hand towels are an essential element to use with any sink to dry your hands after washing up. These towels can be found folded or draped over the sink or hanging from a towel bar or towel ring.

Hand towel size is smaller than bath towels but larger than fingertip towels and washcloths, measuring 16 to 18 inches broad by 28 to 30 inches long.

Hand towels have a wide range of applications in both households and enterprises. In one of those companies that rely on hand towels, it is important to wash them between each customer to prevent germs from spreading.

To withstand regular usage and cleaning, these hardworking towels should be made of a soft yet durable fabric.

What is the purpose of washcloths?

Facial skin is so sensitive can expose to damage and stress of all day long work. Wash cloths are usually smaller than a towel for bathrooms. They are small enough to transport them simply inside your luggage. An absorbent, gentle face towel is simple to carry on your skin.

Washcloth vs Hand towel

Towels are produced to provide your face the greatest possible care to dry your face and remove excess water, soap, natural oils, and cosmetic residues, and facial products.

They might be found at hotels, wellness centers, health clinics, or spas. It is also good in the bathroom for personal usage to have special facial towels.

As our face is more delicate than that of other parts of our body, it is appropriate for the sole purpose of face washing to select a washcloth. It’s not hygienic for your daily use towel to contact filth or dirt from your feet and hands.

A hand towel is always required to dry hands after washing. However, you may also use them to dry and clean your feet and hair, but the ideal way to maintain a separate towel for each function is according to the same concept.

You might choose to have separate hand towels and towels in your bathroom if you want to be as hygienic as possible.

What is the size difference between a washcloth and ahand towel?

Hand towel size are larger than face towel size. The hand towel size is on average approximately 16′′ x 30′′ versus 12′′. Size is essential to distinguish between the two distinct types of towels. It is worth taking care of your face and hygiene with a dedicated facial towel required that is a separate from hand towel which you use to wipe your hands.

How long we can use a hand towel?

Because hand towels are used more regularly more frequently in kitchens, more individuals utilize the same hand towel as opposed to a single face towel. This leads the hand towels become dirty more quickly. After every two days hand towels should be cleaned or washed if you are heavy user due to gym etc.

How long we can use a wash cloth?

Washcloths should be changed at least every other day, if not more frequently because they accumulate different substances from drying your face. Remember that washcloths remove dirt, skin oil, facial wash, shaving foam, make-up, toothpaste, and other residues that can cause your towel to fray.

Why do you need both towels?

Even with these significant distinctions, some individuals may still use the towels interchangeably or ask why they should have an abundance of both. It’s critical to note that these two towels have unique characteristics for a purpose.

Because of their different sizes and materials, they operate in different ways, and having both sorts of these towels around can effectively prevent the transmission of infections.

 For example, even though your hands are clean after drying them on a hand towel, the damp towel might still retain some germs, and it’s preferable to keep those germs away from your face.

You are more likely to get germs if the same hand towel or a general is used for cleansing your face and this produces health and hygiene problems.

Product Listing for Hand towels:

  1. Utopia Premium Grey Hand Towels
  2. HAMMAM Linen’s White Hand Towels
  3. Luxury White Egyptian cotton Hand Towels
  4. Smyrna Beautiful Hand Towels

Utopia Grey Hand Towels

Utopia Grey Hand Towels

Product Details

Available in different colors

Brand Utopia Towels

Material Cotton

In the set are six quality hand towels made from cotton with a measurement of 16 by 28 inches, each of a woven faux with 100 percent of ring-spun cotton.

This wash towels is need to wash in warm water with a less reactive detergent and tumble dry.

Highly absorbent, but luminous. Give the body a delicate and silky feel while moisture absorbing.

  • Washable
  • Soft
  • Good size
  • Not available in pretty cool shades

HAMMAM Linen’s White Hand Towels

HAMMAM Linen’s White Hand Towels

Product Details

Color White

Material cotton


These absorbent, eco-friendly hand towels are designed to last for years.

The towel of hotel-grade is lightweight and sturdy, fast dry and 100% cotton is wear-resistant yet remains soft. Magnificent traditional white towels offer a luxurious style for your bathrooms. Soft, highly absorbing, double-stitched edges for long life on all corners.

Machine washable, simple to care for, and clean. These towels have been specifically treated to make the dryer take less time, saving both time and energy. They come out of the dryer nice and fluffy, ready for the next time.

To help reduce towel spots or bleaching, avoid contact with skincare products. Lint may be seen in the first few launderings of towels, but it will disappear with each subsequent laundering. This does not affect the appearance, feel, or performance of your towels

Terry towel material permits maximum absorption. Poolside, bathroom, beach, salon, college dorm room necessities, spa, wedding reception, or gym usage. The towel set is intended to meet all of the user’s fundamental bathroom drying needs, such as wrapping your hair or drying your body.

  • Fluffy
  • Machine wash
  • Tumble dry
  • Soft-touch
  • Fascinated white shade
  • Get dirty due to white color

Luxury White Egyptian cotton Hand Towels

Luxury White Egyptian cotton Hand Towels

Product Details

Color white

Material Cotton

Brand White Classic

You deserve a little luxury after a long day or at the beginning of a new day. Turn your house to a refuge and your bathroom to a small spa with white classic towels that are wonderfully soft, absorbent, and comfortable.

100% Combed Hand Cotton Towels with 16 x 30 inches are generously designed for multifunctional applications, seen in hotels and spas. Weighty, soft, and long-lasting white towels with high absorption. It is absorbed more than any Turkish towel.

Stick some in the bathroom, put some in your sweating bag, leave some of your guests in a very high-quality room, this is also a wonderful donation for your loved one – holiday present – every opportunity.

These towels are completely clean and quick to dry characteristic. After washing they get smoother and softer, they are fully bleached proof and don’t shrink, so you can easily thrust some in the wash and have a good time coming out.

  • Do not shrink
  • Fluffy
  • Soft
  • Washable
  • Egyptian cotton makes it smooth
  • Costly as compared to others due to Egyptian cotton

Smyrna Beautiful Hand Towels

Smyrna Beautiful Hand Towels

Product Details

Color Gray

Material Cotton

Brand Smyrna Turkish Cotton

The towel is beautiful and extremely helpful in many locations including the bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, spa, exercise room, and other facilities. The towel may also be used as tea, guests, face, hair, dressing room, fitness room, yoga, and towels.

This Turkish towel is made very useful and more and more popular for its soft feel, lightness, absorption, and quick-drying qualities. Before using, wash it. After every wash, it gets softer. It is also bigger than normal towels.

  • Attractive design
  • Larger size
  • Beautiful
  • Soft
  • Wash able
  • Smooth
  • Not so fluffy

Product Listing for Washcloth:

  1. Amazon Basics Terry Cotton Washcloths
  2. Utopia Cotton Brown Washcloths
  3. Dual Performance Washcloths

Amazon Basics Terry Cotton Washcloths

Amazon Basics Terry Cotton Washcloths

Product Details

Color Available in different colors

Material Cotton

Brand Amazon Basics

Made of 100% looped cotton for strength, excellent absorption, and quick drying

Soft enough for facial usage and powerful enough to clean the whole home

Strengthened corners to avoid degradation

The independent certification system, manufactured at the OEKO-TEX standard 100 factories to provide textiles with a high level of environmental safety and safety.

  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dry
  • Beautiful color
  • Soft on skin
  • Light shades

Utopia Cotton Brown Washcloths

Utopia Cotton Brown Washcloths

Product Details

Color Darker Brown

Material 100% Cotton Fabric

Brand Utopia’s Towel

Do not use bleach, weaving, and iron as these may harm their quality, always wash towels individually to minimize lint.

Set of 24 well absorbed Brown washcloths measuring 12 by 12 inches and woven with 100% cotton spun ring.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Excellent for moisture absorption
  • Machine wash
  • Tumble dry
  • Quite small

Dual Performance Washcloths

Dual Performance Washcloths

Product Details

Color Sky Blue

Material 100 %Cotton Fabric

Brand Amazon

It is a towel with increased softness and absorption with a zero-twist design and a 2-ply structure for durability.

Flexible edge and solid color design offer a traditional appeal to your bathroom.

Machine wash and dry; prevent contact with benzoyl peroxide products for long use.

It is made from a facility certified by OEKO-TEX STEP, an independent certification system ensuring that textiles satisfy high safety and environmental requirements

  • Twin size
  • Machine wash
  • Soft
  • 2-ply
  • Simple design

How to take care of washcloths and hand towels?

  • Caring for towels and towels is fairly similar to caring for any other sort of towel, however, a distinction is significant – they should generally be laundered more frequently than other towels. After every use, facial towels should typically be cleansed and hand towels changed and laundered every few days. Here are some additional towels and facial cloths cleaning and treatment tips:
  • Read over the towels tags or accompanying information fully for special care recommendations.
  • Brand new towels may include detergent or chemical residues, dust, or bacteria, or they may be crushed during the packaging. Wash all new towels before using them will make sure they are fresh, clean and soft, and fluffy for the first usage.
  • You can wash most towels with each other, but keep them in different laundry loads if you have several colored sets of towels.
  • You should not use softeners when washing towels. This laundry ingredient can leave residues that accumulate and decrease towel absorbency. While softening cloth at first sounds like a great idea, for towels it’s a big no. With the use of hot water, bacteria on unclean towels are killed.
  • Outdoor drying may look like an old-fashioned idea. This approach, however, not only infuses fresh air into your clothes but also naturally eliminates smells and bacteria through the sunshine of line drying.

Buying Guides for Wash Cloths and Hand Towels:

Material selection

Towels are available in a range of cotton fibers as well as other materials. The fibers and materials used to manufacture the towels will provide varying outcomes in terms of how long the towels last, how well they function, and how soft they feel.

While cotton is the most often used material for towels, cotton towels come in a variety of mixes and grades. Here are a few examples of common materials and mixes to search for:

Egyptian cotton

This cotton fiber is derived from a different plant than normal cotton, and it is commonly regarded as the best cotton for towels. These fibers are stronger and softer than another cotton, resulting in finer threads that are woven into a more uniform finish. Egyptian cotton towels offer a sumptuous feel and great absorbency. Egyptian cotton towels are used by many of the world’s top luxury spas and hotels due to their excellent quality.

Turkish cotton

Turkish cotton has characteristics similar to Egyptian cotton. Turkish cotton, with its long, silky threads, is still another wonderful alternative for luxury towels. It strikes a nice compromise between the absorbency of Egyptian cotton and the speed with which it dries. The more Turkish cotton is washed, the softer and fluffier it becomes.

Pima cotton

Pima cotton is also recognized for its outstanding resilience, robust fibers, and high absorption. For soft luscious towels, it’s another excellent pick.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is also usually harvested by more sustainable processes and has far less impact on the environment than conventional cotton. For any house or company interested in its environmental effect and in trying to achieve a less carbon footprint, this is a fantastic alternative.


Bamboo plants develop fast and without the requirement of chemical pesticides as another wonderful alternative for the environment. When used as a towel material, bamboo is an extremely sensitive skin fabric. It is ideal for anyone who is delicate skin. Bamboo towels are also naturally anti-bacterial and are ideal for any company.


This synthetic material is becoming popular with all kinds of towels and is frequently produced from a mixture of polyester. Microfiber towels are very absorbent, fast and dry, and excellent for use in any sort of company as towels for cleaning.

Quick dry

Towels made of man-made materials are composed of Microfiber. They are among the towels which dries quickly. Cotton towels branded “rapid dry” are also available, which are meant to be dried faster than towels.

Pretty looking

It is claimed that Turkish cotton has a natural shine. Please also consider towels produced with viscose from bamboos, which have a little natural shine and are made of a bamboo plant.


Hand towels and washcloths are versatile standards for every home or business needs. We have reviewed some hand towel and face towel for almost any use, from the heavy-duty power cleaning houses to the elegant décor touches for dinners and guest baths.

Whether you’re shopping for home or business, you need the highest quality towels at wholesale costs that you want. We have an extensive range of wash towel’s types and sizes, including hand towels and washcloths along with their description and pros and cons. Visit our collection online.We hope you will get your desired towel.

Happy shopping!