The type of eyelash extensions you receive according to lashes per eye is crucially significant. Surely you would not just buy a make-up product because you saw it on a store shelf! So, first, you would want to examine what type, colors, and finishes are available, and then you could figure out which one is best for you, right?

Should I go with Classic or Volume eyelash extensions instead of Hybrid? Is it time to choose hybrid eyelash extensions? Alternatively, how about a set of Volume Eyelash Extensions?

If you are pondering these questions, now is the moment to make a decision. Eyelash Extensions: Classic vs Hybrid vs Volume? Which one is the better eyelash extension? That is why we have come up with Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid Lashes.

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Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid Lashes Comparison Table

  Classic Volume Hybrid
Application One false eyelash per natural lash Each lash is attached with a fan of several eyelash extensions A mix of volume and classic styles are used
Ratio (Eyelash extension per natural lash) 1:1 Many:1 Varies according to the desired look
Thickness 0.07–0.20mm 0.05-0.07mm 0.07-0.15mm Classic, 0.03-0.05mm Volume
Cost $80-$375 $113-$400 $100-$345
Time consumption 90-120 minutes 120-180 minutes 120-150 minutes
Appearance Natural Dramatic Long and thick
Suitable for Beginners Glam make-up lovers People with thin eyelashes
Infills 2-3 weeks 4-5 weeks 2-3 weeks


Classic lash extensions vs Hybrid vs Volume: How are Classic Lashes Different?


Classic lashes are distinguished from volume lash extensions and hybrid extensions by their two most fundamental characteristics:


Eyelash extensions are done at a one-to-one ratio. To get a full lash line, one eyelash extension is applied one at a time to each natural lash. The all-around impression is natural due to the employment of only one artificial lash on top of a natural one.

It is not uncommon for a person to have between 80 and 100 natural eyelash strands per eye. There are several factors to consider, such as the thickness and length of your natural lashes.



The thickness of an eyelash extension is referred to as the extension’s diameter. For the traditional style, eyelash extensions are available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 0.10 mm to 0.12 mm, and 0.15 mm as the largest.

To put things into perspective, below is a list of the lash extension’s weight and thickness:

  • 0.07 mm is 0.00006 g
  • 0.10 mm is 0.00010 g
  • 0.12 mm is 0.00013 g
  • 0.15 mm is 0.00015 g
  • 0.18 mm is 0.00025 g
  • 0.20 mm is 0.00030 g

Thicker extensions can be utilized on persons who already have naturally long, thick lashes. Keep in mind that the weight of the extensions grows in direct proportion to their thickness.


Are Classic Lashes the most suitable?

Classic false lashes were the first-ever style of eyelash extensions and they are still a crowd favorite for many. If you are having eyelash extensions for the first time, this is the best option. For those with long and thick natural eyelashes, this kind of fake lashes is the best option. It is even better if you already have a lot of eyelashes, to begin with.

Also, the traditional eyelash set is an option for those who do not want their extensions to be overly apparent or sophisticated. That is why it is referred to as the “natural look” or the “no-extensions look.”

Adding extreme curl and length to your natural lashes is possible with this set, so be sure to discuss it with your lash technician when ordering it. You may want to avoid the classic set if you have an abundance of natural lashes, since it may appear sparse on your face. Volume lashes would be more suited in these circumstances.


Classic Eyelash Extensions Price

The price of a traditional set of lash extensions varies from hairdresser to salon.

According to a case study in the United States, classic lashes cost an average of $164 per full set, with a minimum rate of $80 and a maximum price of $375. The average cost of a classic refill is $71 with a minimum cost of $30 and a maximum cost of $160.

PROS of Classic extensions


The most cost-effective style extensions are those that follow the conventional design. Depending on where you go to get it done, it might cost anywhere from $150 to $200.


In comparison to the traditional set, it takes less time for lash specialists to apply the traditional set because there is only one extension per natural lash that must be done.

Comfortable for daily use

As far as eyelash extensions are concerned, they are usually not too heavy so that they can be worn all day without creating any discomfort on the eyelids.

Gives natural look

Extensions like this one allow for a natural flow of information, which is the most essential benefit. To get a more natural look, you should choose the standard set of eyelash extensions.

Soft look

In the conventional method, a natural lash is paired with an extension in a 1:1 ratio, so your lashes appear to be uncrowded. The main purpose of this technique is to lengthen your eyelashes.

Easily available

Classic lash sets are the most widely available because they’re the first item most lash specialists learn how to make.

CONS of classic eyelashes

Common style

The standard set is the most common and straightforward eyelash extension procedure, but that does not mean it is any less customizable than the other styles. Cat-eye, dolly, natural sweep, and other classic styles are included in the classic bundle, among others.

Not suitable for thin eyelashes

The fact that it is difficult to fill in the gaps in thin or sparse eyelashes with traditional eyelash extensions means that they are not a good solution for everyone.

Lacks fullness

An authentic natural look can be produced with traditional techniques, but it lacks the lushness and fullness that can be achieved with a volume or hybrid eyelash extension.

Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid Lashes

Volume lash extensions vs Hybrid vs classic: How are Volume Lashes Different?

Volume lashes are distinct from hybrid vs classic extensions because of their two most significant features:


There is a 1:1 ratio of volume eyelash extensions being applied. To put it another way, each natural lash is given a fuller set of eyelash extensions. Before being applied to your natural lashes, the eyelash extensions are bundled in a volume fan.

A lash tech utilizes 2 to 16 lashes per fan on individual lashes. Depending on how much volume you want, the ratio is determined. The total quantity of lash extensions per fan is referred to as 2D, 3D, 5D, 7D, 10D, etc.

A single lash extension is applied to a natural lash on the left. A natural lash is coupled to a 4D fan on the right.


The thickness of each lash extension in a volume set is often less than that of a classic set, which uses a smaller number of extensions per fan.

Lash technicians typically utilize fake eyelashes with thicknesses between 0.05 and 0.07 mm for regular volume sets, and between 0.03 and 0.05 mm for mega volume sets, depending on the application. For instance, a 10D fan might employ extensions of 0.03 mm each, a 4D fan of 0.05 mm each, and a 2D volume fan extension of 0.07 mm each.

The entire weight of the fan is determined by the strength of your natural eyelashes as well. Damage to your natural lashes can occur if the fan is too heavy.

For whom are volume lashes the best option?

It has been about 20 years since volume lashes first became popular, and they are still going strong. The majority of customers prefer to wear it for special occasions like proms, weddings, and other significant events before deciding to wear it every day.

For individuals who prefer a more glam look over a more natural one, volume lashes are the perfect option. Volumizing eyelash extensions are an excellent option for those with sparse, thin, or weak lashes.

Strip lash addicts would choose volume extensions over the more traditional type. When it comes to adding an air of mystery to your style, classic false eyelashes are the way to go, especially if you are looking for something more subtle.

The Price of Volume Eyelashes

Due to the additional time and an overall number of lashes required, volume sets cost more per full set than classic sets do. Aside from that, not every lash artist has the training or knowledge necessary to apply volume lash extensions. For one thing, it’s an advanced skill that requires a lot of money and a lot of practice to master.

A complete set costs, on average, $227 in the United States. For volume eyelash extensions, the lowest price ranges from $113 to $400. A refill, on the other hand, costs on average $95. Keeping in mind that a volume refill can cost as little as $40 and as much as $275, you should budget accordingly.


Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid Lashes

PROS of Volume eyelashes

Extraordinary look:

Volume lashes operate differently for special events. Volume lashes are trendy now because they linger from the bachelorette party to the honeymoon and beyond.

Fuller lashes

Numerous lash fans are attached to each natural lash to help cover gaps. You obtain beautiful fine and fluffy lashes.

Add a dramatical look to your eyes

Volume lashes are the finest technique to make your eyes appear dramatic. Tell the lash tech what you want so they can make your eyes look as dramatic as you want.

CONS of Volume Lashes

Not suitable for daily use

For an everyday style, volume and mega volume may be too much for some. Volume lashes, unlike classic lashes, are not suitable for many professional settings.

Time-consuming application

Before putting volume lashes to your natural lashes, you must create fans. Making a new fan is difficult, and a volume set takes a lot of fans. That’s why they take longer to apply than a standard lash set.


A volume set is 1.5x more expensive than a classic set. You might want to try it out once before going back to the classic or hybrid set.

Fewer experts available

Because volume lash extension treatment is distinct from the classic set and requires additional training, not all artists offer it. And most artists are not experienced enough to keep the fans’ weight light.

Hybrid Eyelash extensions vs classic vs volume:

How are Hybrid lashes different?

Hybrid lash extensions are distinct from other types of lashes due to the following two features:


Classic lashes have a ratio of one extension to one natural lash, whereas volume lashes use numerous extensions to one natural lash, as we have already seen. As a result, you can adjust the density of the hybrid set depending on the style you choose.

In a typical hybrid set, eyelash technicians typically use 50-50 or 70-30 volume and 30-30 classic. Lash artists frequently inquire about where you prefer your fluffy lashes to be applied: in the center or at the ends. Each selection has a unique effect on the final design.

An open-eye effect can be achieved, for example, by using volume lashes in the center of the eyelids. As a result, you can make your eyes appear to be more defined and tapered if you add more volume to the inner and outer corners.


A hybrid lash set’s thickness differs from volume and classic sets because it incorporates the best of both worlds.

For classic lashes, your lash artist may use thicknesses of 0.07 mm, 0.10 mm, or even 0.15 mm, while for volume lashes, they may use thicknesses of 0.03 mm and 0.05 mm. That said, for hybrid sets, salons normally do not employ more than 5D fans.

What are Hybrid lash extensions best for?

Hybrid lashes are the way to go if your natural lashes are medium in length and healthy. Even those with sparse or weak lashes can benefit from the hybrid lash treatment.

Hybrid lash styles are ideal for clients who are on the fence about trying the volume set or the mega volume lash set. If you are pondering the same thing and are comfortable with your current wardrobe, this is the greatest method to update your look.

You can experiment with fluff and fullness in the hybrid set, which is a terrific chance. Also, it is more personalized than either volume lashes or classic lashes.

Cost of Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid sets of eyelash extensions take less time to apply than volume sets, but they employ more extensions than classic sets do. Hybrid lash treatments cost anywhere between the price of traditional and volume lash treatments across the country.

The cost of a hybrid full set is on average $192 per session. Between $100 to $345, this eyelash treatment is available. For a hybrid refill, the price can reach $84. The lowest price per session is $55, while the highest is $220.

PROS of Hybrid lashes

Gives natural look

Hybrid sets are airy and textured for a natural look with a hint of drama.

Suitable for people with lash problems

Hybrid works for persons with thick, thin, sparse, and weak lashes. Hybrid lashes are a great option for those with scant lashes who desire a dramatic look.

Gives volume and length

The hybrid style gives you both volume and length in one treatment. It combines richness and exquisite texture. Hybrid lashes are the way to go for a rich and full classic set.

CONS Of Hybrid lashes

Needs a lash tech:

Nobody can do a good hybrid set. You need a tech that knows both traditional and volume techniques so they can create a look that flatters your eyes.

Application time

Like volume lashes, the hybrid set requires the lash artist to create individual eye fans. Thus, a full set can easily take two hours or even three hours for some artists.


It may be more expensive than classic lashes at most lash salons. But they need more time and skill than regular lashes. Hybrid lashes are also less expensive than volume lashes.

Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid Lashes

Which type of eyelash is best for me? Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid Lashes

For clients on a tight budget, classic lashes are an excellent choice because they require little to no prep work. Volume lashes require more skill and work from the professional because the fans are formed by hand.

Your clients can choose from a variety of techniques, depending on their needs, their budget, and the skill set of the technician. Also, bear in mind that we cover a wide range of additional approaches, such as the ones described in the following subsections.

It is cheaper to get classic lashes because they don’t require as much preparation. Because the fan is made by hand, it takes extra time and effort for the expert to do the procedure. Hybrid lashes, a 70/30 blend of the other two types, give you the best of all worlds.

Choosing the “best” option is impossible. Everything is up to you and your budget, so think about what kind of style you want to achieve. The three varieties of lashes, Classic, Hybrid, and Volume, all have a different look, application, time, and expense compared to the other three.

The “no makeup” look can be achieved with eye mascara if you already have long and thick eyelashes. If you are looking for a slight boost to your looks, the basic eyelash extension is your best bet. The form of your eyes should also be considered. Take a peek at any in-depth tutorial on Youtube if you are interested in learning more.

It is important to think about your eye shape when choosing eyelash extensions. When it comes to eyelash extensions, there is no one-size-fits-all style that will work for everyone.

Volume vs hybrid extension: which one is more time-consuming?

Lash extension application requires a lot of time because it requires the usage of a lot of fans.

As a result of its usage of both volume and classic sets, the Hybrid application approach comes in second in terms of the total time required to finish it. The volume style takes between 120 and 180 minutes, while the hybrid type takes between 120 and 150 minutes.

Hybrid vs Classic lashes: Which length and curl are the best?

Regardless of the form of eyelash extension you choose, the length and curl of the lashes will vary depending on the client’s eye shape and the texture of their natural lashes.

For example, regardless of whether a person is receiving volume, hybrid, or classic sets, they can obtain a C curl or a D curl depending on the form they want or the curls in their nat hair. Having said that, the volume set does seem to have a sharper curve than the classic set for the most part.

Volume lash extensions vs classic lash extensions: which one should I choose?

If you have naturally thick lashes, this is a fantastic look for you to try. Volume lashes, on the other hand, are the best option if you have a limited number of natural lashes. Classic lashes will appear more like mascara in the future. Each individual will be bigger in diameter than volume lashes, resulting in a fuller appearance.

Are volume lashes more destructive than classic lashes?

No matter how many times you remove them, you will be left with damaged natural lashes from using cluster lashes. While classic lashes are heavier, volume lashes are lighter. The traditional lash extension weighs more than one-third as much as a 3D Volume fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Volume lashes vs. hybrid lashes: which is better?

This type of extension provides additional volume and texture without looking artificial, unlike volume lashes. This is the best option for individuals who want fuller-looking lashes without going overboard with volume extensions.


If I get lash extensions, do I still need to wear mascara?

No! Lash extensions provide that benefit, and it’s one of the nicest advantages of getting them. Mascara is not necessary with classic lashes, which are the closest to natural ones. Classic lashes produce the same results as mascara in terms of darkening and lifting the lashes.

If you are using classic lash extensions, you can apply mascara, although it is best to avoid it. Avoid using mascara if you have hybrid or volume extensions. In addition to hardening the fragile extensions, the removal of mascara will cause the lash glue to break down or pull out the lash extensions and your own naturally growing eyelashes.


Are hybrid lashes more durable than classic lashes?

If your natural lashes are weak, lash extensions will not affect the number of lashes that fall out throughout the natural shedding cycle. To determine how long a particular set of extensions will last, consider how quickly your eyelashes shed.

Even if you lose a few lashes, the volume setting makes it appear that your lashes are thicker than they are since the fans cover a larger area of the eyelid.


Is the use of eyelash extensions detrimental to the growth of natural eyelashes?

They rarely do. If the fake eyelashes are applied correctly and the directions of the lash specialist are strictly followed, there should be no problems.


Is it possible to switch from classic to volume eyelash extensions at my subsequent appointment?

Yes, you may go from lash extensions with traditional extensions to lash extensions with volume. Going backwards will cost more in terms of both time and money. Try a conventional set of eyelashes to see whether you like the fullness of volume or hybrid lashes more. Once you have determined that you need additional fullness, schedule an appointment to get it done at your next visit.


Do volume lashes or hybrid lashes endure more time?

As more 3D+ lashes are attached to each lash extension, the 3D ‘fan’ bonds together, encasing the natural lash and making it appear thicker. Because of this, volume lashes appear to last longer between fills.


What is the lifespan of classic eyelash extensions?

The typical lifespan of eyelash extensions is 4-6 weeks. The precise duration varies from person to person based on their growth patterns. As your natural lashes grow out, extensions will fall out as well. The same length of time as classic extensions can be expected from hybrid and volume extensions.

Conclusion about Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid Lashes

By now, you should have a clearer picture of the advantages and disadvantages of the many types of eyelash extensions available. The type of eyelash extension you choose should take your face shape, the style of peg you desire, and the type of eyelashes per eye you have into account. You will be the talk of the town with this look because it is guaranteed.

I hope you have gained a thorough understanding of the differences between Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid Lashes after reading this article.