Soft, polished, sleek, and straight are the characteristics of this material. When you have a stylish hairstyle, you can look good in practically any situation. After all, you could even dress in a sack and still look fantastic! When it comes to straightening your hair, however, attaining the results you desire might be difficult to achieve. However, putting oil in hair before straightening can help you achieve your goals.

What to apply before using a hair straightener?

Using hair oils is the answer to your question. Yes! You’re right. Not only does putting oil in hair before straightening shield your hair from the damaging effects of a flat iron, but it may also revitalize and restore your damaged locks to a more youthful appearance.

Can I put oil in my hair before straightening it?

Putting oil in hair before straightening

Generally speaking, it is believed that putting oil in hair before straightening can spoil the look of your hairdo and cause your tresses to appear flat and lifeless as well as uninspiring; however, this is an entirely false belief. It’s recommended that you massage oil into your hairs on a constant schedule to not only make them more robust, silky, and smooth but also to shield them from the high heat that you use while straightening your hair.

Consequently, you should use appropriate oils both before and after straightening your hair to ensure that your tresses are well cared for and conditioned. In the next sections, you will know more about why putting oil in hair before straightening is important.

When straightening hair, can you put oil in your hair before you straighten it?

This is perhaps the most contentious question amongst hair enthusiasts, as there are many differences of opinion around putting oil in hair before straightening. Let us set the record straight once and for all: yes, you can apply oil to your hair locks just before styling them, but you must be careful and selective because not all hair oils are suitable for the “before hair straightening” regime; specific natural oils can fry your pre-straightened hair.

As a result, you must select the exact oil that is suggested by hair experts when it comes to putting oil in hair before straightening to achieve the best results.

Which oil is best for straightening hair?

almond oilCoconut OilArgan Oilconfuse
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Hair straightening experts say that Argan oil is the greatest pre-straightening treatment to apply to your hair.

Before you use a flat iron, why should you apply Argan oil to your hair? Honestly, it’s a straightforward answer. Vitamin E, antioxidants, and vital fatty acids are just some of the ingredients found in argan oil, which nourish your hair strands both inside and externally while preventing them from heat damage.

To top it all off, Argan oil has a very high smoke or burning temperature (the temperature at which the oil starts producing a continuous blue smoke). Argan oil, unlike other natural oils, has a smoke point of 420 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it can be used as a heat protectant. You won’t burn your hair with a straightening iron or curling wand if you use Argan oil. This is what you’ve been waiting for all this time.

This means you can apply any other type of oil to protect your hair as you style it, or not. No, that’s the simplest response. Using low-burning-point natural oils is discouraged by hair specialists since these oils release a large number of free radicals and other hazardous compounds when heated past their smoke points. Applying them to your hair while using hot styling equipment can result in devastating consequences.

Argan oil has become the industry standard for hair and skincare, and it’s easy to see why. That’s just the beginning. When it comes to heat styling your hair, Argan oil is your best bet.

Benefits of Argan Oil for hair

  • Styling becomes easier with the help of argan oil.
  • It prevents hair breakage and split ends.
  • It replenishes the hair’s hydration and makes it easier to style.
  • A shinier and smoother finish is achieved.

How to choose a natural heat protectant for hair before straightening?

It may be tempting to use whatever oil is laying around the house, but only particular natural oils will provide complete heat protection from flat irons. Check the smoke point, which is the point at which the oil begins to burn, is at least 350 degrees or greater at all times.

Flat irons typically range in temperature from 360 degrees to 420 degrees. Vitamins and minerals found in high-quality oils help to keep hair strong and lustrous. Compared to unrefined oils, refined oils will have a higher smoke point. However, refined oil may have a lower concentration of nutrients. It’s important to bear in mind a few things while looking for a heat protectant oil for straightening hair.

Argan oil

Putting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straightening
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Argan oil-infused hair care products have become a must-have in women’s beauty bags since they were first discovered in Morocco. Argan oil is a no-brainer when it comes to preventing hair from damage caused by flat irons that reach temperatures of over 360 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to protecting the hair, argan oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 fatty acids, and vitamin E, which nourish the hair from the inside out. Our favourite argan oil heat protectant for hair is HSI professional argan oil. Up to 450 degrees are safe for your hair with this ultra-lightweight spray!

Coconut Oil

Putting oil in hair before straighteningCoconut Oil Coconut Oil Coconut Oil
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Coconut oil has long been touted for its health benefits, both inside and outside the kitchen. Coconut oil, praised for its high smoke point and moisturizing properties, is an excellent natural heat protectant for flat iron and hot tool fans everywhere. For women with fine or thin hair, 350 degrees is the perfect smoke point, since we advise against using any heat higher than this.

For its anti-dandruff capabilities and anti-microbial characteristics, coconut oil is very well-known. Coconut oil can repair and protect hair that has been damaged by using a flat iron daily. Long, beautiful hair will become everyone’s envy and admiration if you keep using it.

Shea butter

Putting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straightening
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Shea butter isn’t just for your face and body; it’s also an excellent heat-protectant for flat irons. Using shea butter as a substitute for silicones found in most heat-protectant products is a natural choice. Heat-protection products commonly use dimethicone and Cyclomethicone as silicones. Hair straighteners and flat irons have a hard time penetrating silicone-coated strands, making them less likely to damage your hair. In the same way, shea butter’s natural properties have the same effect.

Grape seed oil

Putting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straightening
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Because grape seed oil is readily available, we didn’t have to travel far to obtain it as a natural heat protector. If you look in the pantry or around the kitchen, you’re sure to find a bottle of this healthy oil. There’s no need to panic if you don’t have any on hand; a quick trip to a health food store or grocery store can solve the problem. Grapeseed oil is excellent since it has a high smoke point like other oils.

This means that the high temperatures of a hair straightener will not cause the hair to smoke. Women with thick or coarse hair are more likely to use flat irons with high smoke points, such as those found in grape seed oil, which is why we recommend it.

Almond oil

Putting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straighteningPutting oil in hair before straightening
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Grape seed oil is excellent for women with thick or coarse hair, but what’s even better? Oil of almonds! Almond oil has a smoke point of 430 degrees, making it ideal for protecting hair from flat irons. It is possible to be safe without being dull. Vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A, in particular, are found in almond oil.

These nutrients aid in the development of strong, healthy, and lustrous hair. Organic and cold-pressed almond oil is always the best option. Any health food store will have this item on hand. Just a few drops of almond oil is all that is needed to gain its benefits.

Argan oil hair straightening treatment

You won’t obtain the results you desire by just running your flat iron through your hair. That’s not how it works. The best way to have beautiful, straight hair is to understand how to do it correctly. You’ll be amazed at the outcomes if you follow this step-by-step guide which also includes putting oil in hair before straightening.

  • Hair should be completely shampooed and rinsed before ironing. Cleanse your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, which removes impurities and remnants of old products, while replenishing it with much-needed moisture.
  • Make sure to completely dry it. When drying your hair with a towel, try to avoid rubbing it too aggressively. Instead, use a microfiber towel to gently drain out excess moisture, then pat hair dry until it is 80 percent dry before blow-drying. Adding volume and form to your hair can be achieved by wet-wrapping your hair. As an alternative, if you need to style your hair quickly and are short on time, you can rough dry your hair to around 80% dry.
  • Put on a hairspray. Applying Argan oil to your hair before flat ironing will protect your strands from the heat, add shine, and eliminate frizz all at once! Apply the protectant to wet hair for optimal results.
  • Section hair into equal parts. If you’re going to iron your hair, do so in sections rather than snatching random clumps. Sections should be between one and two inches wide so that you may straighten your hair in fewer passes. Use a hair clip to hold the upper layer of hair in place while you work on the lower layer. Place the straightener as close to the roots as possible while ironing a portion at a time.
  • Use a high-quality serum to seal the deal. Add shine and tame flyaways with a hair serum once you’ve finished styling your hair.

A few reminders:

  • Make sure your hair can withstand the heat before going out in the sun. It is impossible to achieve the results you desire if your hair is not in the ideal condition, to begin with. Hair that has been well-conditioned and moisturized can withstand heat styling without being damaged, but hair that has been dried out and brittle will be ruined.
  • You may win the race by taking your time. So make sure you have enough time to flat iron your hair the appropriate way.
  • Make sure you’re using the appropriate brush while hairstyling. For a smoother finish, use a brush with boar bristles and nylon mix instead of a plastic brush.
  • Make the most of your resources. It’s better to use a high-quality hair straightener than a cheap one.

DIY Argan oil-based heat-protectant spray

Below is an efficient way of putting oil in hair before straightening.

Needed Items

  • Argan oil in the amount of 12 cups (125 ml).
  • Spray bottle for oil mist.
  • Funnel


  • Instead of using a spray bottle, pour the oil into a mister instead.
  • Apply the oil to the ends of your hair with a small amount of spray.
  • Brush or comb your hair from the roots to the ends with a small amount of product.
  • Check to see if your hair has enough product in it.
  • Repeat the method if your hair still needs a little extra nourishment. Hairstyling is up to you. If stored in a cold, dry location, this product’s shelf life is between four and six months.

As a result of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, Argan oil hydrates nourishes and promotes scalp health. It also protects hairstyles and colours. So you can be worry-free while putting oil in hair before straightening.

Putting oil in hair after straightening

Putting oil in hair after straightening

It’s a good idea of putting oil in hair before straightening. Now that you’ve learned about it, you’re ready to move on.

However, after straightening your hair, using oil is a good idea. To get your hair back to its healthy and shiny state, give it a chance to recuperate after the heat treatment.

Coconut oil, in my opinion, is the best oil you can use. For brittle hair splits, itchy scalps, and damaged hair, coconut oil is an excellent remedy. In addition, it promotes hair growth.

Other than that, coconut oils are packed with nutrients that help keep your hair healthy, as well as your scalp.

How to look for the best Oil for Straightening Hair?

Let’s speak about some primary but essential characteristics to look for when purchasing a hair oil for your regimen. This will be helpful to learn about putting oil in hair before straightening.

All-Natural and Pure

The term “pure and organic” refers to an oil that has no other components in it (in the form of other oils or extracts) and is obtained from a plant (or seeds or fruits) that was grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

As said, prefer pure and organic oils for damaged hair because they contain no toxic substances that could exacerbate the condition of your already-damaged locks. Using organic oils on your hair and scalp is the safest alternative because they are free of synthetic chemicals, making them ideal for both treating and preventing hair damage.

Cold Pressed Oil

Even though cold-pressed oils are acquired mechanically, we can tell you that there is no use of any unnatural chemical treatments to maintain the benefits of the end product. Cold pressing preserves the oilseed’s inherent anti-oxidant and nutrient-rich characteristics so that you get the purest, pristine, and most nutritious hair oil for your damaged manes, which is why the heat never climbs over 120°F during the procedure.

Because “cold-pressed” hair oils are clean and healthy compared to other types of oils, hair specialists always favour and suggest them because they do wonders for your hair without a lot of work.

Preservatives, Fragrances, or Fillers

It’s best to avoid hair oils that contain preservatives, scents, and fillers because these artificial synthetic ingredients aren’t good for your hair strands in any way, shape or form, and we recommend doing the same.

Conclusion about Putting oil in hair before straightening

There is a wide range of wonderful oils to put before hair straightening. However, Argan oil is my favourite straightening oil out of all of them. Personally. Because of this, the silk press remains smooth and gorgeous till you wash it again. If you enjoy this and do not have time to flat iron your hair every day, this product is a must-have.

If you’re looking for a straightening oil that works best for your hair, don’t be hesitant to try a few different ones. It’s time to say goodbye to voluminous hair and hello to crisp, gorgeous locks. I hope that you will find this article about putting oil in hair before straightening helpful.