How often should you straighten your hair , Complete Guide

How often should you straighten your hair

When it comes to hair tools, there’s no arguing about the importance of a good straightener. They’re one of the simplest heating tools to straighten and can add shine to even the most frizzy hair. But with a powerful heating device comes a lot of responsibility. For all your straightener woes, you can be doing … Read more

Do bald people use shampoo? 5 Best Tips

do bald people use shampoo

When you hear the phrase “shampoo,” the first thing that comes to mind is most likely your hair. Right? This raises the question of whether “bald or no hair” inevitably translates into “no shampoo.” Hold your horses for a moment. Simply because you are a member of the elite club of bald individuals does not … Read more

How to clean magnetic lashes , Best Guide with 5 Myths

How to clean magnetic lashes

Lash extensions are a crucial part of any make-up process. Because of the ongoing epidemic, going to lash appointments feels risky. Magnetic cloves can help you obtain seductive eyelids in just a few simple steps. But do you know how to clean magnetic lashes? Depending on your personal preferences, there are a wide variety of … Read more

Hair mousse for braids , Best 5 Mousse

Hair mousse for braids

The natural hair community has seen an increase in the popularity of styling foam mousse throughout the years. Nowadays, many hair braiders would apply hair mousse for braids to their clients’ hair after braiding it to give it a smooth finish, which is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of using hair gels during braiding, which can … Read more

Should I blowdry my hair before braiding , 5 Best Tips.

Should I blowdry my hair before braiding

Understanding the ins and outs of protecting your hair might lead to a better hairstyle in the long run. This is all you need to know about blow-drying your hair before braiding. And you may wonder should I blowdry my hair before braiding! For every type of hair, there is a braiding pattern or technique … Read more

Rosehip oil vs Marula oil , Best Review 2022

Rosehip oil vs Marula oil

Although oils have been used in skin care for centuries, big brands like Drunk Elephant and The Ordinary have made them more popular in recent years. Marula Oil and Rosehip Oil are two of the most popular oils on the market today. Even though both oils are excellent for the skin, there are some differences … Read more

Putting oil in hair before straightening

putting oil in hair before straightening

Soft, polished, sleek, and straight are the characteristics of this material. When you have a stylish hairstyle, you can look good in practically any situation. After all, you could even dress in a sack and still look fantastic! When it comes to straightening your hair, however, attaining the results you desire might be difficult to … Read more

Can I swim with eyelash extensions ?

can I swim with eyelash extensions

With eyelash extensions, we’re able to achieve the luscious lashes of our dreams while also being able to do away with much of our eye makeup. You don’t have to put on a lot of makeup in the summer because of this. Nevertheless, you must take care of them to maintain them looking their best. … Read more

How to get marshmallow out of hair

How to get marshmallow out of hair

Are you looking for the answer to how to get marshmallow out of hair? To know this, let us have a look at the ingredients of it. There are three main ingredients in marshmallows: sugar, water and gelatin. It’s a beloved camping snack for people of all ages. S’mores are made with grilled marshmallows, but … Read more

What to use instead of mascara ?

What to use instead of mascara

Mascara, how did we fall in love with that one? It not only lengthens and thickens lashes, but it also opens up the eyes, giving them a more youthful appearance. With even the most basic makeup-in-a-minute routine, the mascara wand is frequently used. However, what to use instead of mascara? Some other related topics ,Substitute … Read more