When it comes to eye makeup, eyeliner is a huge trend, but it’s also the most difficult to apply. It’s also a feature of your makeup that draws attention to your eyes. Eyeliner defines and shapes your eyes, making them appear larger and brighter. As a result, it has become an essential component of eye makeup.

There are times, though, when you will need to do your eye makeup with no eyeliner. Some of the reasons you avoid it include an allergic reaction to the components in your eyeliner and a lack of experience in applying eyeliner. The application of eyeliner necessitates patience, if you make a mistake, your entire makeup look could be ruined.

The good news is that you can get amazing eye makeup with no eyeliner.

How to do Eye makeup without eyeliner?

Here are a few ways to make your eyes stand out having makeup with no eyeliner. Below are some of them.

Make use of eyeshadow

You can have popping eyes even if you do not wear eyeliner. When you want to contour and accentuate your eyes, eye shadow might help. To achieve a more natural look for makeup with no eyeliner, use a neutral eyeshadow hue. If you want to go for a natural look, this is the look for you. It will make you look young and naive, yet still beautiful.

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A smokey eye can also be achieved without the use of eyeliner. Close to your lash line, mix a dark grey or black eyeshadow towards your crease. A smokey eye with eyeshadow looks softer and less overdone. Blending your eyeshadow is critical since it will be the focal point of your eye appearance; any mistake will result in disaster. Eyeshadow will make you question whether you will ever need to use eyeliner again.

False eyelashes and Eyelash extensions

False lashes will give your eyes instant drama and personality. They accentuate, shape, and make your eyes appear larger. They are an excellent technique to achieve a stunning look without using eyeliner. The beautiful thing about falsies is that you can play with different lengths and volumes until you find the ones that are best for you.

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Make sure that you apply your artificial eyelashes as near to the lash line as feasible. You will not be able to achieve a faultless and neat look if you do them further away.

If you are worried about applying artificial lashes every day, you can obtain extension eyelashes instead. You hire a professional to do them, and all you have to do now is comb them. Depending on how carefully you manage your eyelash extensions, they can last up to a month.

Make your brows perfect

Make sure your brows are excellent for a flawless look even if you don’t use eyeliner. It can take a few tries to get the shape of your eyebrows just right. Make sure you get your eyebrows waxed or threaded by a professional. Make sure you choose someone who can mould them to your face and eyes.

Your entire face can look astonished if you make a mistake with the contour of your eyebrows. To achieve a more natural effect, use hair-like strokes to resemble brow hairs. Alternatively, you can use powder to create wide-spread brows. You should avoid using black eye pencils because they don’t seem natural, and instead use brown ones. Open up your eyes by combing your brows upward.

Mascara should be applied.

There are few makeup tools as versatile as mascara. It will lengthen, darken, and thicken your lashes. When applying mascara, be sure to brush your lashes upwards. When you do this, your eyes will appear brighter and more awake. Brown and black are both acceptable options for an everyday outfit. It’s possible to create drama, however, with the help of vibrant mascara. The colour of your mascara depends on the occasion and the look you’re looking for.

Use a concealer to hide imperfections.

Make sure you use a concealer to hide any blemishes before applying eyeliner. A disorganised and unfinished appearance is the last thing you need. Your vision will be enhanced thanks to the use of concealers. You do not need to do anything else to look good sans eyeliner after applying it. When you do not want to go overboard with your makeup, use concealer. With this appearance, you can go anyplace and not feel out of place.

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On the line

You don’t have to use eyeliner to get the look. The top waterline of your eyes should be darkened using an eyeshadow brush before applying any eyeliner. Filling in any gaps in your eyelashes by doing this can make them appear thicker and more defined. If you’re allergic to eyeliner, wetting your eyeshadow and applying it as a substitute is an option. Consider the type of event you’ll be attending when choosing makeup colours for makeup with no eyeliner. If you’re headed to the office or a business meeting, avoid bright colours.

Use Highlighter

If you want your eyes to stand out, a highlighter is an absolute must-have. Your eyes will appear more vibrant if you apply some highlighter to the inner corner of your eye. This is what eyeliner does. Using a highlighter, you can accomplish this. This style is best achieved with a metallic highlighter. If you’re going on a date or an evening out, this style is perfect for you. It could be a good choice for non-casual events, such as the office.

People won’t notice that you’re missing eyeliner if you do the above to your eyes. Here are a few ideas for looks that don’t require the use of eyeliner.

Makeup with no eyeliner

How to do Smokey eye without eyeliner?

Below is a step by step guide to smokey eye makeup with no eyeliner.

Step 1: Applying primer for eyeshadow

For long-lasting, beautiful eye makeup, an Eyeshadow Base is a requirement. It’s a beauty trick that keeps your makeup in place. This is critical when it comes to smoky eyes, as the focus is on your eyes! Use a brush or your finger to evenly disperse it.

Step 2: Make your lashes look fuller and thicker.

Your lashes will look fuller and more defined if you apply to tighten to enhance the look of any sparse areas. Make your eyes stand out by enhancing their definition and intensity with this technique.

Apply a black kajal between the lash line and the upper lid contour to increase the volume of your lashes.

Step 3: Apply light-coloured eyeshadow.

Apply a light-coloured eyeshadow to the top lid and the brow bone, blending into your temples, and then apply a darker shade to the lower lash line. Eyeshadows can be applied to your lid, lower lash line and outer corner of the eye.

Step 4: Apply dark-coloured eyeshadow.

Using a medium-coloured eyeshadow in the crease of your eye, soften the dark colour on your lower lash line and create a transition between your light and dark eyeshadows. Use a shimmering eyeshadow colour to add highlights to the top of your brows and the inner corners of your eyes.

How can you have a No Makeup look without eyeliner?

In this part, I’ll show you different eyeshadow makeup with no eyeliner and explain when it’s okay to forgo it in favour of a more dramatic look.

Without a Liner, a Pastel Shadow

Without a liner, pastels are excellent. As a result, the drama of the eyeliner might feel nearly out of place. You may get a monochromatic look by applying a wash of peach that matches your blush and omitting the eyeliner.

Alternatively, opt for a funky look like this one with pastel blues and over-the-top mascara. If you want to enhance the natural elegance of these two simple pieces, don’t use a liner.

No Liner, Just A Glossy Shadow

Those fleeting shiny eyes are so much fun to look at. Eyeliner may be overkill with glossy eyes because many of the designs you can create with it wouldn’t hold up under gloss application.

The NYX Professional Eyeliner and mascara are two of Danessa Myricks’ go-to avoidances when it comes to makeup. Because of her high-impact make-up application, she doesn’t require these two stalwarts at all. You can see for yourself how she transforms her women into glowing works of beauty on her Instagram feed.

In this case, be careful what eyeshadow you use because glossy lids can break up powders beneath. Maybelline’s Color Tattoo is a good option for a stay-put cream.

Glamorous Glitter Shadow Without a Liner

It doesn’t matter if you go for a subtle sheen or go all out with the glitter on your lids; eyeliner is unnecessary! Monica, or mjones5018, is a creative glitter-sporter who has an Instagram page full of surprising, glitter-filled outfits that don’t have a single typical liquid-painted black wing. Unless she’s wearing any sort of colourful liner along her lower waterline, it’s unlikely you’ll see her.

I have no more suggestions to give. If you don’t go all the way to the lash line with the glitter, it will appear as if you wanted to apply the liner but forgot.

Makeup with no eyeliner

No eyeliner look for different eye shapes

Eyeliner-free Monolid

You don’t have to bother about eyeliner if you have a small amount of space on your lid. For a warm undertone, use brown eyeshadow, and for a cool undertone, use pink eyeshadow. A little shine goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. Apply a highlighter to the inner corner of your eye to complete your appearance. If you have a warm skin tone, use gold undertones, if you have a cool skin tone, use pink undertones. For neutral skin tones, you can experiment with gold or pink undertones and find which works best for you.

Round eyes with no eyeshadow

To achieve the perfect round eye look:

  1. Line the upper and lower lash lines with grey eyeshadow using an angled brush.
  2. Brush a lighter grey shadow with a fluffier brush and mix it into your crease.
  3. To complete your look, apply black mascara and nude lipstick.
  4. It’s also a great look without eyeliner.

How to make a no-eyeliner make up look? Step by step guide

What you can choose to use while doing makeup with no eyeliner:

  • Primer for the eyes
  • Transition eyeshadows
  • Eye Shadows
  • Brush for Blending

Step 1: Preparation

Preparing your eyes for the summer is always the most crucial step. Make sure you do not have oily to combination skin because you do notwant your eyelid to show through your makeup in the summer heat.

An eye primer helps keep your eyelids smooth and all of your makeup in place. You can choose using a Thank Me later makeup base, which is incredibly simple to use and, maybe most importantly, applies quickly. It can all be mixed with your fingertips.

Step 2: Switch to a transition colour.

Use a transitional shade so that the primer is established on the eyelid before applying the eyeshadow colour. A go-to eye makeup is either coloured eye shadow or black liquid liner for an everyday appearance.

As a rule, the transition colour should be near to your skin tone so that it blends in and is completely undetectable when you apply another colour.

Step 3: Contouring of the Eyes

The outer crease of the brow bone is highlighted in this step to make the eyes appear larger, hence I refer to it as eye contouring. Your eyes will appear smaller if this area of the eye reflects light.

You can also use bronzer and apply it there if you don’t want any colours. It’s the right combination of pink and brown for my skin, thanks to Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palette.

Step 4: Underlining

Highlighting the inner corner of the eyes, like contouring the outer corner of the eyes, brightens up the eyes and makes them appear larger and more awake.

With the pencil brush tip, now apply the lighter shade to the inner corners of my eyes with pinpoint accuracy using the Urban decay palette’s two-sided brush tip. With the darker tone, you may blend it in more closely.

Step 5: Apply a brown eyeshadow

The brown eyeliner may have a cream texture, making it much easier to apply than a black one. In the same way as eyeliner, You can apply it to your eyelids, but it doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s a lighter shade than black.

In addition to seeming more relaxed, this look brings out the radiance in my eyes and gives you a more awake appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When is it appropriate to forgo eyeliner in favour of a more natural look?

Answer: It is possible to smudge too far down the water line and cause eye irritation if you don’t use the appropriate equipment. You should avoid using liquid liner on the bottom lashes. It can run into tiny lines below the eyes or seem harsh because it is difficult to smudge.

Question: Is eyeliner going to make your eyes appear smaller?

Answer: A thin line of liquid eyeliner might help to visually seal up the eyes if you desire a cat eye. A sharp, almost harsh line along the upper lash line can enlarge the eyes, while a softer, smeared line can have the opposite effect.

Question: Can Eyeliner be used on its own, without any makeup?

Answer: Summer is a terrific time to keep your appearance as simple as possible, and it is quite OK to apply eyeliner without eyeshadow. Bypassing mascara in favour of a thin line of black or dark brown liner around the lash line will help you get your makeup done faster.

Question: Is it okay if I only use eyeliner?

Answer: The type of eye makeup you choose has a lot to do with it. Applying mascara or eyeliner alone is OK, but if you want to go all out, it will draw attention to your eyes and dull your complexion, which may make you appear odd.

Conclusion about makeup with no eyeliner

To summarise, eye makeup can look gorgeous without the use of eyeliner if done correctly. To make up for the loss of eyeliner, experiment with other forms of eye makeup. No one will even realise that you do not have eyeliner if you do it perfectly! The most important thing to remember about makeup with no eyeliner is that you need to strike a balance.

Your eye makeup should be a harmonious blend of all the materials you use. Because of this, there are a variety of options for applying eye makeup without using eyeliner. There are alternative ways to make your eye speak for you if you’re terrified of your shaky hands when applying eyeliner or react negatively to substances.