You can choose from a variety of tanning options when you visit your local tanning parlor. You can select an airbrushed spray tan or a stand-up or lay-down tanning bed if you prefer. Because they’ve been around for so long, beds are still the go-to option for many people, but new innovative tanning bed technologies are making stand-up options more common. But why are stand up tanning beds better?

Many individuals are interested in this new tanning option but are unsure of the difference between standing and laydown booths. If you fall into this category, keep reading to find out which tanning bed best suits your needs. And are stand up tanning beds better than lay down tanning beds?

Preferences for Tanning Booths

Overall, the choice between the two types of tanning beds is purely a matter of personal preference. Tanning safely requires that you constantly discuss your goals with your salon’s tanning specialist. The following are the most significant variations and parallels between stand-up and lay-down tanning beds:

Lay-down tanning beds

As a result of its relaxing reputation, lay-down tanning booths are extremely popular. You don’t even have to get out of bed to get a tan. As a result of the pressure points formed between the skin and the glass, the UV rays cannot penetrate the skin completely. Under the arms, on the shoulder blades, above and below the thighs and more can be affected by this. For this, you must move around frequently, which is easier in a stand-up booth than on a regular bed.

Stand up tanning beds

Tanners can walk around more freely in stand-up booths because of the additional room they provide. You may raise your arms, drop your arms, bend your knees, lean, turn your head, and so on while sitting in the booth. Because the bulbs are more powerful, the tan develops more quickly. As previously mentioned, stand-up beds have shorter duration limits than lay-down beds due to the higher intensity of the bulbs. This makes it a good option for individuals who don’t want to spend too much time in a tanning booth. In upright beds, specialised reflectors assist distribute light evenly throughout the chamber, making it easier for patients to see. In addition to ensuring a more even tan, this method also helps to avoid the telltale wrinkles and missed regions of a tanning bed, such as those found on the shoulders, arms, lower back, and buttocks.

Because they don’t have to contact the glass for hygiene reasons, many individuals choose upright beds. Standup beds have several drawbacks, the primary one being a lack of support. Standing for long periods might be exhausting for some, so they prefer to lie down and unwind. Standup beds necessitate the usage of nose-adhesive eye goggles for the tan to stay on your face. When you’re standing up, keeping them in place can be a pain.

Are stand up tanning beds better?

Even though the principles are the same, stand-up tanning beds and lay-down tanning beds have certain variances. Below are details about stand up tanning beds that will enable you to know why are stand up tanning beds better than lay down tanning beds.

Pros of using Stand-up Tanning Beds

A stand-up tanning bed has many advantages over typical lay-down beds, so let’s have a look at the positives first and know why are stand up tanning beds better!

Reduced Time Required to Get a Tan

First and foremost, the higher intensity of the lamps used in stand-up tanning beds means that they normally operate more quickly. Because of the higher power lamps, most stand-up beds have a shorter maximum tanning time than lay-down beds. If you’re looking for a quick tan, this may be the best option for you!

Ensure a More Even Distribution of tanning

You can elevate your arms in a stand-up tanning bed to get a more even tan. You may be able to use the bars built into some devices to help keep your arms raised. A typical lay-down unit has your arms lying on your sides, which can prevent some UV rays from reaching your side.

Less icky and easier to clean

Let’s face it: tanning beds that have been used by someone else are usually rather filthy. A former tanning technician tells me that lay-down beds were the most disgusting. A commercial cleaner was employed to remove the sweat and tanning lotion streaks from the skin. Since the user only had to stand inside of a stand-up bed, the very little residue was left behind. When it comes to germs, I’d suggest standing instead of laying down.

Cons of using stand up tanning beds

Even though many individuals love stand-up tans, some may find them unappealing. Before using a stand-up tanning bed, think about the following:

Much easier to lose money

Because of the greater ultraviolet radiation emitted by these devices, those with fair skin may be more susceptible to sunburn. If you’re going to spend a lot of time indoor tanning, you may want to consider a lower-powered bed.

Not very comfy

A 15-minute nap in a tanning salon bed might be more restful than a 15-minute stand-up tan after a long day at work. If standing while getting a tan is too much of a hassle for you, go with the tried-and-true method of lying down.

People who get dizzy in warm temperatures should avoid it.

A tanner’s bed heats up. Stand-ups, unlike lay-downs, do not have fans to help with rising heat. Lay-down beds are preferable if you suffer from dizziness in hot weather. Even though no one wants to faint in a tanning bed, it does happen!

Do Stand-Up Tan Beds Produce Better Results?

The results from stand-up beds tend to be better than those from lying down tanning beds, this is why are stand up tanning beds better!

  • Less time in the tanning bed is a benefit of more powerful lamps.
  • A more equal tan can be achieved by raising your arms.
  • Moving around makes you feel freer than if you were limited to a single position.
  • It accomplishes the goal in less time! Traditional tanning beds employ 100-watt lamps, whereas stand-up beds use bulbs averaging 160 watts.
  • Now you won’t have to deal with that claustrophobic sensation. A claustrophobic tanner would appreciate the extra space and natural light provided by the stand-up bed.
  • Since you won’t be in direct contact with the acrylic sides, you won’t have to worry about skin reactions or allergies. The stand-up tanning bed is the perfect choice for those who are worried about hygiene.
  • Tanned skin is more uniformly distributed in standing-up beds that use lamps with specific reflectors.
  • Neither pressure points nor missed areas nor bed wrinkles are a concern here.

How to use Stand up Tanning Bed

There are a few simple procedures to take if you want to use a stand-up tanning bed.

  • Exfoliate and shave the day before.
  • Remove your clothing.
  • Do not forget to wipe the excess lotion off your hands and between fingers before applying tanning lotion to your body.
  • Indulge in a few minutes of sunbathing.
  • As the tanning bed has them, look for the On button and the handlebars.
  • Cover your eyes with a pair of tan goggles.
  • Turn on the tanning bed and lock the door.

Tips on Using a Stand-Up Sunbed

Following these additional stand-up tanning bed instructions will help you achieve the best possible tan.

Dress up appropriately

More time in the sun will produce a better final result. Dress to your personal preference. The nicer it is, the less cloth there is.

Wearing a swimsuit is an option. Every salon offers a private space for tanners to go to. If you prefer to go nude, you must protect your private parts from the sun by covering them with a piece of fabric.


Stand in the middle of the booth.

How should one stand in a tanning booth to get the greatest tan? To get the desired results, it is vital to know this. In reality, simply standing in a tanning booth will not produce a deep, healthy glow.

You’ll need to figure out the ideal method to stand in there. Once you’ve entered the booth and shut the door, take a seat in the middle of it. The X marks on the floor of the tanning bed at the salon have you ever wondered what they mean? It’s where you’re supposed to be.

Parting your legs slightly is a tried-and-true method for getting a more even tan. When you’re ready to begin, turn it on.

Pay attention to your arms’ position

The stand-up tanning booth has bars on the ceiling and sides. While tanning, you can use this to keep your arms supported. Hold on to it so that you can see your underarms well. Raising your arms high can ensure a streak-free tan in the absence of any. Make sure uniform tanning.

There is more room for movement in the booth. Pose yourself in a way that feels natural to you. Lift your arms in an arc, then lower them back down.

Bring Strap-on Goggles

Regardless of the sort of tanning bed you use, all tanners must wear eye protection. To ensure that your tanning goggles stay in place when you stand and move around in a stand-up tanning bed, be sure that they feature a strap.

Long hair should be tied back in a bun or braid.

To keep my hair out of my face while lying in a tanning bed, I normally wear a low ponytail. Depending on the length, a ponytail will partially or completely conceal your neck and back, preventing an even tan there. Keep your hair off of your face and away from your neck with a quick bun.

After-Tanning Lotions are an excellent option.

Use a moisturiser after your tanning session to aid in the recovery of your skin. Your new tan will look and last longer if you follow up with an after-tanning lotion application.

After A Stand-Up Tanning session

If you’re hoping for that amazing tanned skin after your session, think again. There is still a long way to go. The time and money you invested in that 20-minute tanning session must be worth it.

After using a stand-up tanning bed, you should perform the following:


The tanning process causes your skin to lose moisture. Use a little moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Apply it as many times as necessary (or twice a day).

Don’t take a bath right away!

Don’t just throw away everything you’ve worked for. The immediate shower will reduce the spread of tan by at least an hour or two. When taking a shower, opt for lukewarm rather than hot water. Apply an oil-free moisturizer as well.


Drinking a lot of water can help you avoid getting dry, flaky skin. It is incredibly effective not just in retaining the soft glow but also in sustaining your health.

Remove dead skin cells

Once a week, use a sponge or brush to gently exfoliate your skin. Just dead skin cells should be removed, not the tan.

Make a schedule for your upcoming meeting.

Between each tanning session, take a walk. Tanners that use standing-up booths achieve better results in less time. After your last visit to the salon, you must wait at least 24 hours before booking another appointment.

These strategies can help you maintain your golden glow for a long time.

Comparison table for Stand up tanning bed vs Lay down tanning bed

Stand up tanning bed Lay down tanning bed
You need to stand You need to lay down
Quick tanning with high intensity The low intensity with slow tanning
Better coverage and even tanning Uneven tanning with pressure point issues
No contact with the surface Contact with surface
Uniform tanning and no specific concentration Facial tanning
No skin allergy chance Chances for skin allergy
High chances of sunburn Minimum chances of sunburn
10-15 minutes for each session 15-20 minutes for each session


Enjoy more than just tanning with stand up tanning bed

In terms of size and design, there are a wide variety of tanning beds to choose from. For your home or company, be sure it’s the type that best suits your needs before making a purchase.

It’s not only about getting a tan for some people. When it comes to boosting emotions, light rays are generally recommended, especially during darker seasons of the year.

For those who use tanning beds for therapeutic purposes, think about which positions will be most beneficial. Even if you don’t sleep, stand up tanning beds can provide a pleasant or even meditative experience of freedom to move around and even dance. So, now you know how our stand up tanning beds better!

Wrap up about are stand up tanning beds better

Now that you know why are stand up tanning beds better! You can make a confident decision to take advantage of the stand-up tanning booth, the following step is to learn how to prepare for a pleasurable tanning experience in advance.

In this article about how and why are stand up tanning beds better, I have tried to assist you by sharing some crucial stand-up tanning bed instructions. These will assist you in removing any worries you may have about how to utilise a standing tanning bed.